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Aug 23, 2009 04:33 PM

Tacos El Gallito, 11:30 eats!

...on S. Fair Oaks in Pasadena, parking lot of some car repair business on the east side of the street, right on a corner so if you ALMOST drive past you can still turn around. We'd been to a party where Mrs. O had missed out on the food, and though of course Pasadena in general is home in bed by then she remembered hearing about a taco truck on Fair Oaks. Bright yellow truck, pleasant personnel, maybe fifteen cars parked and people noshing right and left. She got one tripas and one lengua, $1.25 each, and was kind enough to give me a bite of each. Totally good. The creamy salsa verde was both rich and spicy, the tripas were chewier than others I've had and very meaty and delicious. The lengua was melting and rich. Under the ordering window was a notice in Spanish offering a single-meat burrito for five bucks, and I immediately thought of what a deal a lengua burrito would be...

Very nice operation, well-staffed including a guy who was keeping the area cleaned up. This was the Owen Family's first taco truck experience, and an excellent introduction it was, too.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      Wow, that goes back to '07. Not terribly surprising, as these guys seem to have an almost effortless sense of what they're doing, and do it awfully well. I guess the shiny-new look of the truck had me fooled... Anyway, we shall now do all we can to make sure they stay in business!

    2. both el gallito and el taquito mexicano are great trucks. I was at both on sat night. The salsa roja at el gallito is a little smokier than el taquito(el taquito spicier). Bonus points for el gallito keeping their truck nice and shiny. There was a good crowd at both trucks on saturday

      next time you're at el gallito try the suadero.

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      1. re: Bandini

        The buche and lengua were both very good. I'll have to give the suadero a try sometime.