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Aug 23, 2009 04:12 PM

Fried Chicken- Birmingham

I am trying to find out where the best fried chicken is in Birmingham- i have read about Seafood and Chicken box- never been- would they do a big order for a party?
We loved Browdy's chicken but it's closed now. where else- not a big fried chicken eater so I need some help for a party- Thanks in advance!!

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  1. Weirdly enough, people rave about the fried chicken at Publix, which I'm sure could accomodate a party. How big a party are you talking about? Have you considered wings -- catered or house-made?

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    1. re: Big Daddy

      I know about Publix and will try it again soon but wanted another idea besides them- thanks- not a big party - but 30-40 people

    2. I haven't been to the new SaCB. It's worth a call; very good (salty) fried chicken.

      As you are aware, fried chicken does not hold-up that well for long durations unless it's (sadly) put under a heat lamp. Even with the steam release open, the breading will get too steamed in a cambro. So you are either left with cold fried chicken (mmm) or you could re-crisp in an oven.

      For fast food, I actually like Popeye's.

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      1. re: Dax

        thanks- we have used Popeye's before and really like it- I will pick it up an hour before it's served

        1. re: hlsess

          If you call ahead, perhaps they will cook your batch(es) to order if you agree to a certain time. Therefore you will get reasonably fresh, hot bird.

          1. re: Dax

            that's what we usually do- thanks