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Aug 23, 2009 03:44 PM

"Sour Mix" for bartending...where to buy in Calgary?

A lot of alcoholic drinks I am looking to make call for "Sour Mix"

(A) I don't know what the hell it is
(B) I don't know where to find it!

I have asked at liquor stores and they give me that blank look...

Anyone out there know where I can buy it?


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  1. Sour mix is simply a mixture of citrus juice and simple syrup. 1 part lime, 1 part lemon, 1 part simple syrup. Adjust as you like.

    You save a lot of money making it yourself and you don't have to worry about weird additives. Plus, freshly squeezed juice is way better tasting than bottled premade stuff. If you're looking for that though, check the pop aisle in the grocery store. There's usually a section with drink mixes and bitters.

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      Do not ever use sour mix even as it is specified above. Cocktail recipes that call for it are second generation inbreds of versions that would have called for lemon or lime or some combo of. Just buy fresh limes/lemons and juice them for each cocktail you make, ensuring the best and freshest product. Which like peter.v notes will not have silly additives.

      Something that might pique your interest,

    2. Hmmm I have looked in a few grocery stores (in the section with bitters, grenadine, etc) and I have never seen "sour mix". I once heard you could buy it in a powder form and just add water.

      So if it is just lime, lemon and simple syrup, I guess that's easy enough to add on my own. I've just seen it mentioned in SO many drink recipes that I thought I must buy it to add to my bar...I love that I must be reading "second generation inbreed" recipes! oops!

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        Ha, arguably, almost all of the literature on cocktails that I've seen is too reliant on mixes and flavored vodkas.

        Sour mix really is just that. A simple google search will back me up.

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          I'll add in this well written discussion of sour mix to the thread:

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            Well I like Jeffrey's work alot. But you will notice that he does not have any of his own cocktails use sour mix. In fact the closest thing to recommending it is a dig at how to make a cairprihna.


            Just do as people suggest in the link you posted and squeeze fresh lemon/lime when they are called for.

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              And if you have any doubts just try one of the new generation of cocktail bars where the bartenders are really serious and make all their own mixes and then try the same drink at an Earl's or even an old school hotel bar where they only use commecial sour mixtures. Sorry, I don't know the bars in Calgary to give a name but Vancouver has lots of them now.

              You have not lived until you've tried a freshly made Bourbon Sour using fresh lemon juice and garnished with cherries that have been soaked in grappa instead of those horrible maraschinos.