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Aug 23, 2009 03:07 PM

Rose apples in Little Saigon

Was in the "tropical fruit" strip mall on the corner of Magnolia and Bolsa today and saw a few of the fruit shops there had rose apples. A couple had what looked like pygmy rose apples. Not sure if they were a different variety or just grew like that. One of the places had ones that looked small-ish, but not tiny.

Don't recommend buying any unless you're willing to pay for nostalgia. At $10 for a small bag, they were really expensive. I had to pick some up just to relive some childhood memories.

They're chilling in my fridge now. I'll report back when I've given them a try.

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  1. Were they locally grown? I know lychee grows well here in LA and have seen trees loaded down with the red fruit. I've also personally grown small rose apples as well as purple passion fruit and different types of guavas. At $10 a bag that sure is pretty steep.

    1. Not quite season, I don't think -- Thai Son is the name of the larger of the two fruit shops near ABC Market, and I know I've bought rose apples there for about $5 a bag in previous years.

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        I don't go tropical fruit shopping much, but this was the first time I've ever seen rose apples here. They were pretty decent, though to be quite honest it's not the most exciting fruit. But they were crisp and had the subtle flowery taste. The bag I got even had a few of them still attached to a branch.

        From the old threads on this board, I thought they'd be pretty hard to find.

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          Oh, I've seen them multiple times in Little Saigon, especially in those stores you mentioned. I didn't know they were rare.