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Aug 23, 2009 03:01 PM

Brooklyn Italian food

Boston hound coming to Brooklyn.Looking for middle priced italian food in Brooklyn Height and Cobble Hill

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  1. Frankies 457, on Court Street in Carroll Gardens offers very good, quite classy italian food at what I would consider to be a moderate price in a fairly casual atmosphere. . Im not sure what your criterion for middle priced is, however..

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    1. re: jen kalb

      noodle pudding in Brooklyn Heights is great if a bit pricey

    2. Coming to visit or to live? Red Sox fan (this is an important answer if you want good recommendations)? If you're coming just to visit and only have a couple of meals, then al di la in Park Slope is worth the wait (no reservations). In the immediate area of Bklyn Heights is Noodle Pudding, already mentioned... it is not expensive... under $50pp all in w/wine. An old style red sauce experience but with a wider menu is Queen on Court St. No ambience but fresh, good Italian more like the older places in the North End. Lucali's for local pizza.

      If you're going to be around for awhile, drop me an e-mail (my address is on my CH "home page"... click on my name).

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        All great suggestions as always from Steve R. I'd add Enoteca on Court St. in Carroll Gardens as a recent, excellent addition (esp their pizzas, gorzonzola gnocchi and house made gelato).

      2. Queen on Court Street
        Ferdinandos on Union and Hicks

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          Definately Ferdinandos. More Sicilian style. Tripe and Pan e Panelli.

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            Warning: Ferdinando's is much better for lunch when the food is fresh. Hounds who have only had dinner there usually report that they are disappointed.