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Aug 23, 2009 02:33 PM

seasonal fruit pies in brooklyn?

While I was wish i was one of those people that would simply BAKE when they are craving pie, I am not. For the last week or so, I have been dreaming about fruit pie. It's summer, so I'm thinking peach, blueberry, apricot, raspberry. Key lime is not going to meet my needs.

I do not know a single bakery that sells pie. Was at Baked earlier today, they have no pie. Was at that Brooklyn Bread whatever place on 5th Ave yesterday--they had pie, but it appeared to be made with canned fruit filling.. I require fresh fruit pie.

Is the farmer's market my only option? Surely there is a bakery that has the pie of my dreams....


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  1. dont know of any real pie bakeries in brooklyn. This is not a pie town. I find the farmers market products to be insipid - no butter, no salt \, not enought sugar- Costco has pretty good pie (usually apple but sometimes other types) at a very reasonable price. Trois Pommes has some good, expensive tarts. thats about it. People say that the frozen pie crusts you can buy are pretty good, I dont know about that, but if you have the crust its dead easy to make a decent pie. - you wont be able to buy one and live in Brooklyn at the same time, so why not learn - or make a friend who can bake?

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      Some friends brought a peach pie from Trois Pommes to a dinner at our house recently, and it was the single best dessert I've had this year. Maybe it was expensive, but it was amazing. I'd be thrilled if there was as good of a pie sold in the borough of Queens; as far as I know, there is not.

    2. It is difficult to find good pie in Brooklyn. You were smart to pass on the pie at Brooklyn Bread. I bought an apple pie there a few weeks ago and it was awful. I think Lady Bird bakery on 8th Avenue in Park Slope makes pie. I haven't tasted it, but everything they bake there is excellent. Their scones are fabulous. Someone told me that they bought a pie at Fairway recently and that it was very good. I like some of Fairway's baked goods--their red velvet cupcakes are moist and not too sweet with tangy icing--but a beautiful fruit tart I purchased there a while ago was all good looks and no flavor. Good luck. Post if you come across something worthwhile.

      1. Try Cousin John's on 7th ave and Berkeley.

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          Does Cousin John's bake pies? If so, they're probably very good. I love their yellow cake with whipped cream and fruit. It's so light and pretty too.

        2. francesb
          "Surely there is a bakery that has the pie of my dreams...."

          Fresh fruit pies have a very short shelf life as they tend to get moldy very quickly, esp in this weather. I don't know about ff pie but if it's any help I did have some pretty good ff tarts and apple strudel from Jean Danet .

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            Im not sure about the moldy bit - pies have sat , uncovered, in American houses at room temp through many summers. If you wrap it with plastic (yuck) you start to get issues. Pies do stale rapidly and you would need great turnover to sell them successfully

            1. re: jen kalb

              "pies have sat , uncovered, in American houses at room temp through many summers"
              I completely agree with you RE: Home produced pies, though around our house they never lasted long enough to really know :-) I've had the mold issue happen 2 or 3 times with store bought fresh fruit pies and when I called both bakeries on 2 different occasions was told that they used no preservatives to 'delay' bacterial growth. Makes me wonder if pectin or lemon juice or some other home added ingredient functions as some sort of preservative

          2. I had a great slice of blueberry pie at Betty Bakery on Atlantic between Bond and Nevins a few weeks ago. Can get it by the slice or whole pie. They also have a pretty strong assortment of fruit tarts.