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Where to find open face turkey & mashed potatoes in philly

We are trying to find good options for a traditional open face turkey sandwhich with stuffing and mashed potatoes in the philly region? I saw at the reading terminal market a very good looking meal, but I ate lunch before I saw it.
Ideas or options?

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  1. I'd check out one of the diners, they usually serve it. Oregon is my favorite.

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      Marathon Grill also has an open face turkey sandwich

    2. The turkey is great at Original Turkey in the RTM - I don't know about the sides tho, I've never had them

      1. The Carving Board in Hatboro has a wide variety of that kind of sandwich, and they are pretty good.


        1. Halligan's in Flourtown.

          1. Nick's Roast Beef is Old City does open faced turkey and roast beef sandwiches. Good comfort food when it's cold out.

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              Jones' Thanksgiving dinner platter.

            2. I have heard Finn McCool in Ambler does a very good turkey, mashed potatoes plate. Don't know if AmblerGirl has been there?

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                Had awesome hot turkey sandwich with mashed and gravy at the Dutch Eating Place at the RTM. Can't remember if it came with stuffing or not. It was a year ago and I was dazzled by the from scratch mashed potatoes and good gravy. Yum.

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                  Agree. I love me some RTM turkey+mash when in the city, but I am pretty sure no stuffing comes with it.

              2. melrose diner baby. it won't be as good as original turkey, but it fits in the comfort food category perfectly.