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Aug 23, 2009 01:10 PM


Im looking for a place that sells good kona or costa rican coffee that i can purchase and it can be grounded or whole bean.Any ideas would be appriciated.

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  1. Whole Foods (DT) usually has both, usually roasted within a day. Allegro brand, generally $10-14 a pound. There's always mail-ordering via Intelligentsia if that doesn't suit you; they currently have Flecha Roja from Costa Rica for $17.

    1. Anderson's carries Costa Rican coffee and they roast in-house. I don't think they carry kona though.

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        Anderson's actually roasts in Manor, I think...not enough room "in-house", but they roast constantly, and their prices are far better than anyone else's, for the most part...and Mr. Anderson was roasting coffee before most of the people at Whole Foods were born....Yeah, some of the boutique places around the country might have more exotic, Cup of Excellence winning beans, but Anderson's can hold its own, by and large, and at a much lower cost. I've never really liked Whole Foods coffee....just doesn't measure up. All that said, I've been roasting my own beans for the past 10 years and always have very fresh coffee at hand....

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          I'll give Anderson's another try. The last bag I got from there was a gift and was pre-ground (maybe their house blend?), didn''t have the CO2 I expect in my French press, and was over-roasted. I typically opt for WF because it's so close to where I live, but local businesses definitely deserve some love.

      2. Be sure to specify if you want a Kona Blend or 100% pure Kona. BIG difference in Price but also in taste. Decoty Coffee will sell you 100% Kona. I picked up a bag last time I was in San Angelo about $50 for a pound if I remember. They have a website you can order from The last time I was at Texas Coffee Traders RC didn't have any.

        1. Kohana is a small local roaster that specializes in Hawaiian roasts and beans, they have 100% Kona. I think you can find them at Cissi's market and Blue Dahlia Cafe.