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Aug 23, 2009 01:04 PM

Week in London near Green Park in December, lite and vegeterian

We are going to be in London, saying at a hotel near the Green Park subway station. I love to cook and eat, so any recommendations would be welcome. I would especially welcome recommendations for 1) a great India restaurant 2) Vegeterian restaurant. I also love unusual and eclectic food shopping.

Also, any suggestion for finding a good dinner for December 25th would be welcome.

Any of these don't necessarily need to be in the Green Park area. We will be traveling all over central London for the week, so all recommendations are welcome.

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  1. There's a good vegetarian Indian off Marylebone high street, on Marylebone Lane. This is a good area for food shopping. There's a farmer's market here on Sunday and you'll find a mixture of interesting food shops including La Fromagerie, a good lunch spot.

    Also, Edgware Road is within walking distance. There's lots of good Persian / Middle Eastern restaurants - many will do a veggie meze - and for shopping, seek out Green Valley supermarket on Upper Berkeley St, they have a great baklava counter.

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      Thank you for the recommendations.

      I used Google maps but cannot locate a restaurant on Marylebone Lane. Do you have an address or a name?

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        Hi, sorry, the name is Woodlands and it's at 77 Marylebone Lane. They have a website

      1. On Dec. 25th. I expect that many Asian/Oriental places will be open in the evening. Plenty of these in Soho/Chinatown about 15 mins walk east from Green Park. For more traditional Christmas fare you may need to stick with the hotels locally. Plenty of good ones within 10 mins walk, but they will not be cheap. My suggestion would be somewhere smaller, like The Stafford, over the likes of The Ritz or Claridges.