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Aug 23, 2009 12:55 PM

Taverna Tony

The house dip they serve at every table is amazing! Does anyone have any idea what goes into it and/or where I can find the recipe? I crave it!!!

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  1. Basically it's just Taramosalata, which is a whipped fish roe. You can buy it at most good delis with a decent selection of imported items. I know Jon's Marketplace has it.

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    1. re: Bob Brooks

      Love that restaurant tho I go there almost never. The tarama was amazing! You can also find it at all Farmer's Market's around town, all the the hummus vendor have the taramosalada and it lasts forever.....

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        taramosalata is one of the dips on their menu, but not the one served gratis at every table. I think that one is called skordalia, which is made from garlic and either bread or potatoes

      2. I"ve asked the same of the owner, Tony. He says, it's "caviar." Close enough. That stuff is, well, Angel's Cum.

        1. Two other things on this menu that are worth going for.... the Lobster Fettucini and I love their lemon chicken soup. It's my "go to" when I"m sick and need something comforting and lovely.

          1. Okay. I just broke down and called Taverna Tony to ask what it is. It is their "house spread" which they also refer to as Tavernacado. It contains fish roe, garlic, avocado and olive oil. Perhaps a few other secret items the hostess didn't share with me. In any case it is undeniably delicious.

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              I thought it was more of a skordalia, myself, never noticed any fish roe in it, hmmm....

            2. Be careful., last time I was there they didn't tell us that each refill of coke cost us the original price, I dont know about you but I hate being ripped off. I'm sure there are other restaurants that do this bui I've yet to come across one.