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Aug 23, 2009 12:50 PM

Robbs Farm in Glastonbury

Stopped by for ice cream at Robbs Farm this weekend and started thinking about their ice cream. They make their own but nowhere to be seen are any cows. A couple pigs, a couple goats and a llama for good measure but no cows. Does anyone know where they are getting their milk from? Do they have dairy cattle in a different location? It would be curious if they bought it from another farm. I guess I am used to seeing places like Rich Farm in Oxford where the cows are right there.

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  1. I grew up in Middletown and usually get to Glastonbury at least once a week. I have no idea where Robbs Farm is...or anything about their ice cream. Please share.

    For what it's worth, I make my own ice cream (at home) and get the milk from Stop & Shop. ;) This is going to sound sarcastic, though I don't mean it to be: if you like the ice cream and are wondering where they get the milk, why not ask the folks at Robbs Farm?

    While on the topic of ice cream and milk in the greater vicinity, have you ever tried Salem Valley Farms milk or ice cream? They used to sell milk in glass bottles (with creamline, even!) at local supermarkets in Portland. Sadly, those days are gone. I remember making the trek from Portland to go for ice cream on many a day! It's been years, but I have no reason to doubt they still turn out (churn out?!) a phenomenal product.

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      Haha, good question. I was wondering about the milk source after the fact not while I was there. It just would strike me as strange I suppose to have a farm selling ice cream with dairy products from another entity. Every farm/ice cream joint I have ever been to have the ice cream place specifically because they have dairy cattle (like Rich Farm).

      Very good ice cream - highly recommend the rum raisin. They are over on Wassuc Rd. I found a web page for them. I am assuming they don't have their own cows:

      I have never heard of Salem Valley milk/ice cream. However, I have only been living in this area for a few years so if it is very localized in distribution there is a good chance I know nothing about it. I'll have to look them up.

      1. re: mels

        I live in Glastonbury and agree that Robb's is first rate. Believe it or not their vanilla, of all things, may be their best flavor. kattyeyes, I think you will enjoy the visiit. Robb's wife and kids do most of the scooping - a real family endeavor.

        1. re: thos

          Sounds good...and vanilla, done right, can be the best flavor of all!

        2. re: mels

          I searched around a little and read that the animals from the Old Cider Mill are now over on Robbs Farm. Also found information about Riverview Farm (that's somehow connected, too), but above the link appeared "this link may harm your computer" so I was reluctant to delve deeper. I wil have to check it out in person. Much more interesting that way, anyway! ;)

          Not sure where you are, mels, but Salem Valley Farms is a tasty road trip. Check it out one sunny day.

          1. re: kattyeyes

            Thanks katty - I am in the G-bury area so I will check it out. I confess I went to Robbs today for a vanilla turtle cone while it was barely 70 and pouring rain...not exactly great ice cream weather. I also picked up a dozen of their fresh eggs. Hopefully they don't disappoint!

            1. re: mels

              I hope I can help out a little here. Yes, the icecream at Robbs is wonderful. Funny that you mentioned Salem farms b/c I am pretty sure that is the icecream that Robbs used to sell a while back. To be honest I am not sure if they actually do make their own ice cream. Either way it is very good and a fun outing. Their is animals to visit and an old fashioned baseball field with helmits and bats left out for visitors to use if the feel so inclined. Riverview farms is the farm that used to be at The Cider Mill and then had to relocate once the town signed a contract with another farm. In the fall they have a wonderful petting zoo, corn maze etc. They seem to all really enjoy what they do and are there because they want to be. I have my childs Bday party there for the last few years b/c the kids love climbing on the tractors , picking pumpkins the corn maze and the animals. I also have heard that the fresh eggs a re great!

              1. re: askeenan

                Because (1) I don't see any when-they're-open info here, and (2) I drove over the other afternoon and they were closed, here's what the sign said:
                Mon-Thurs 6-9PM Fri-Sun 12-9PM

              2. re: mels

                Ugh, tried the eggs this morning. AWFUL. I cracked 5 of them (medium sized eggs). Two of them had the most pale looking yolk I have ever seen. Like a pale blond, almost white. Sadly the cheapest grocery store eggs look better than these. Stick to the ice cream.

              3. re: kattyeyes

                I loooove salem valley farms ice cream! especially the cappuccino fudge crunch.... mmm tasty

            2. re: kattyeyes

              The Fresh Market will be open in Westport within a few weeks, and they sell the unhomogenized milk(with the cream at the top) if you're interested- lots of great stuff at the Fresh Market!

              1. re: JenJeninCT

                Thatnk you--that's nice to know, but Westport is more than an hour away from this neck of the woods. ;)

            3. I LOVE Robb's Ice Cream. It is wonderful. By far my favorite. Thank goodness we do not live near it or I wold be twice the size I am. Robb's is located just off Route 2 not far from the Manchester Road exit.

              They use to sell Salem Valley Ice Cream years ago when they first opened but stopped once they started making their own. I believe they get their milk and cream from local eastern Connecticut farmers. They do not have any cows on the property. Jay