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Aug 23, 2009 12:50 PM

Good Fare Near Hanscom AFB

Friends are moving to Hanscom AFB-- south of Bedford between Lexington and Concord, MA. Where should I steer them for good eats?

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  1. It depends how you define "good eats." ;-)

    If they head into Lexington Center (not far from Hanscom), Via Lago has good lunch/take out and sometimes dinner. A little over priced, but really fresh, not processed food.

    Further down in Lexington Center is Lex. Some folks really like it. Personally, I've found the service issues to be huge, cancelling out the food.

    There's a good Japanese/sushi place in Lexington, and I'm a fan of the Yangztee River buffett. It's a completely American, generic, "crappy" Chinese food buffett. But sometimes that's what I want.

    Mixed reviews on the Indian place -- Kushboo, I think.

    Bedford has a Flatbread Pizza Co (I think that's the name) -- It's a chain, but OK.

    For really good food, they should head into Arlington. Thai Moon is one of my favorites, but there are tons of good restaurants in Arlington. Just beware not everyone has a liquor license.