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Aug 23, 2009 12:44 PM

Best source for kimchi in Manhattan?

We'd like to pick up some kimchi, to compare to our homemade--where are some good sources?

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  1. hanh ah reum on 32nd in k-town has a pretty wide variety. i have had a couple tasty ones at woorjip, but those are pretty small portions.

    1. Han Ah Reum, the Korean grocery store in the 32nd street K-town should have everything you need - from massive jars to individual single sized portions. There's a location in Flushing as well on Northern Blvd

      1. Among restaurants the standout in Manhattan is Gam Mee Ok. I'm told that most Korean restaurants in the city outsource their kimchi, but that Gam Mee Ok makes its own. I can believe this. It's noticeably fresher and livelier in flavor.

        They don't sell it, but if you manage to have a bunch left over on your table, they'll pack it up to go.

        Gahm Mi Oak
        43 W 32nd St, New York, NY 10001

        1. They also now sell kimchee at Kum Gang San restaurant in the front. It is a mild flavored kimchee, but really delicious. I had some at the restaurant and then purchased some on my way out. Even my korean mother approved.