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Aug 23, 2009 12:44 PM

Warner Robins/Macon Area?

I am staying in the Warner Robins/Macon area for two weeks and need some recommendations for eating. I have done a little research on the boards and plan to hit NuWay Weiners and Mellow Mushroom. Where else should I eat while I am here? Who has the best BBQ? Mexican? Ethic food in general (did I hear an ad for a Caribean (sp?) place?) Low end or high end....I will eat it all. I just really want to have some places in my pocket in case co-workers want to hit Chili's or Applebees or some other crap like that.

Thanks in advance....

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  1. Don't do Mellow Mushroom. It's decent, but it's chain pizza you can get just about anywhere these days. Go to Ingleside Village Pizza on Ingleside Drive in Macon. Good pizza, good beer selection,. good vibe. It's one of those local joints that gives you a sense of place.
    If you're in Macon around lunchtime, go to the H&H on Forsythe Street. It's a soul food/meat and three joint whose owner Mama Louise, used to feed the Allman Brothers when they were living in town (and would cater for them whenever they returned).
    For barbecue, you've gotta try some of the only barbecue to have gone into outer space. Astronaut Sonny Carter was such a Fincher's barbecue fan, he had some prepared for one of his shuttle missions.
    For ethnic, your best choices will be in Warner Robins (It's an Air Force base town with a lot of Asian transplants who have opened restaurants.

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      I went to the Mellow Mushroom and you are completely right. In my defense, I had been to the one in Augusta which had a much nicer vibe to it. Not as corporate as the one here in Warner Robins. Plus, I went to try some local beers (Sweetwater in particular), and of course I went there on Sunday so no beer could be served. The libertarian in me is completely opposed to federal mandated laws, but man I do think that alcohol laws need be normalized across this country.

      I have passed Finchers and will try to fit in. Of course, I might just have to try Georgia Bobs as well.

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        I think Georgia has the worst laws at this point; if the restaurant couldn't serve beer on a Sunday, that must've been a local law.

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          Actually it's a state law that allows local options to sell on Sundays. Pretty common around the South.

    2. Warner Robins does have a lot of Mexican restaurants. Casa Mexico is a good choice.

      Georgia Bob’s has the best barbecue in Warner Robins. If you are going in the evening, I would go to their new location in Byron.

      Santina’s is a nice place for Italian:

      I’m not sure about Caribbean. A new place called Tropical Flava opened south of Macon a few months ago. It appears to be decent, but I haven’t been there.

      The Greek Village on Russell Parkway in Warner Robins is popular and has a mixed menu of Mediterranean and American.

      I like to eat at Miss Piggy’s BBQ near Fort Valley (west of Warner Robins). A Cuban family from Florida bought it and they added Cuban sandwiches and home-cooked Cuban plates to the menu. I always get a Cuban plate. It closes early (maybe 7 pm), so I would check the hours before going.

      1. Isn't there a peach farm near WR a couple of miles off I75 ( Miami Valley Exit IIRC) with to-die-for muffins and cobblers?

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          Are you talking about Lane Packing in Peach County?