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Aug 23, 2009 12:32 PM

Soup dumplings/Shanghai-style Chinese in Detroit?

I am visiting my mother in metro Detroit, and the last time she visited me in Brooklyn I took her to a restaurant in Brooklyn that served Shanghai soup dumplings. Since then, she's been bugging me to find someplace in Detroit where she can have them.

Any ideas? We are in Royal Oak, but willing to travel anywhere in the metro area - she loves them.

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  1. Chia Shiang in Ann Arbor aparently does make them fresh on the weekends. You can order them during weekdays , but they are frozen ones ( the waitress made sure I was informed of that). From my experience, finding any authentic Chinese around here outside of Cantonese and Sichuan can be a crapshoot. Do you and /or your mom have a passport ? Might wanna try investigating places in Wndsor.

    1. There were a couple of decent Chinese restaurants when I was running around the RO area, but I really didn't find something as fantastic as what I've had when I was in NYC. My best advice is to really enjoy the Thai cuisine that is truly fantastic in the Metro area. I haven't found Thai dishes like those at the Bangkok Cuisine outside of Detroit, and it is a regular stop when I make it into town. Sometimes we have to accept that some foods really can only exist to a specific restaurant/city.

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        Wow, I've never really heard anyone praise Thai food in this area. Most places, by and large, seem to be "Ameri-Thai" places that don't do the cuisine justice.

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          Are you joking? Get the wax out of your ears, then, because there's *very* good Thai to be had in the area. My first recommendation would be Pi's Thai Cuisine in Hazel Park, with a sister shop in Sterling Heights, but I prefer the original in HP. I find their fare to be exceptionally good, all over the menu. Of special delight to me is their tom yum soup, their spicy noodle, and if I'm in the mood for fried rice (rare), their basil-infused version is always welcome.

          If they *have* the roast duck for the gang ped, GET IT. You'll thank me later.

          One more thing: Pi's is *not* the place to show off how "tough" you are by ordering high spice warned, they'll make it hot, even at medium. It's a wonderful thing, too. :)

          1. re: boagman

            Nope, not joking. This is the only board/forum where I've found people praising this area for having great Thai cuisine. I'm not saying there isn't anything good to be found, but I still am skeptical of Metro Detroit being thought of as a "destination" for Thai food. I'm pretty sure Chicago, for example, offers Thai food head and shoulders above most ( I didn't say all) of what you would find here.

      2. Back to the original question, if anyone has any more recommendations for Xiǎolóngbāo, please post them.
        I will make a trip on a weekend to Chia Shiang in Ann Arbor, but there has to be more offerings in the area.
        I just love popping these in the mouth and feeling that burning sensation as the broth oozes out of the dumpling. Need to go back to China soon.

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        1. re: Markcron

          My apologies for veering off the topic. Unfortunately I don't know if your search will yield many more places than Chia Shiang. It's relatively easy to find such items in cities with a complete Chinatown area. Unfortunately, much to several peoples' chagrin, Detroit lacks such an area. *Shrugs* , at least there's a Chinese Bbq place around here.

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            If you are interested, the best dim sum is in Windsor Jade Ct, I found better than the other place most people post, The soup dumpling were ok, but nothing like, NYC/HKK/ SFO. I admit to have rediculous standards. The two schools of thought on Soup Dumplings are the large Joe's Shanghai Dumpling from NYC, and the small juicy Dumpling from Din Tai Fung the Taiwanese chain. THey can be made fairly easily at home. Also The secret is to refrigerate the stock for the Juicy dumplings before it is wrapped. Toronto is the best bet, they have a fake Din Tai Fung, but also several resturants have excellent soup dumplings. Recipe in Savaur about a 2 year ago, or easily found on internet.

            1. re: toro

              I had yet to find soup dumplings around here, so good to hear there may yet be hope (I am partial to (New) Green Bo in NYC Chinatown. I did, however, make the Saveur recipe last winter after saving it for awhile. Good shortcut: pho for the "soup." Which reminds me that I have a few dumplings left in the freezer...mmm.

          2. I suggest calling Shangri la in West Bloomfield. They serve very good dim sum and while I've never seen soup dumplings there I have a feeling that if you call ahead and request them they might make them for you.