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Aug 23, 2009 12:07 PM

kosher wedding at synagogue on long island

Please can anyone recommend a synagogue on long island with a good caterer for a wedding. I am newly engaged and can spend up to about $100 per person (hopefully less) for about 150 people. So far, I am thinking of the following but have not visited any and would like some feedback as to the food and facitities.

Temple Chaverim in Plainview" I don't know who the present caterer is there.
Great Neck Synagogue
Congregation Ohr Torah - North Woodmere
Temple Beth Shalom - Roslyn
Temple Hillel - North Woodmere
East Meadow Jewish Center Was there recently for cousin's wedding. It was nice but would
prefer a different place as many repeat guests.

Thanks. Any advice would be appreciated.

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  1. I can't recommend a shul, but my wife and I got married 14 months ago at the Crest Hollow Country Club and for a Sun afternoon wedding in June, and if I recall correctly we paid less than 100 per person. I can't recommend them more strongly.

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      Thanks for the advice. Actually I was at a very nice Bar Mitzvah reception there a few years ago. I will give them a call

    2. On LI, I've only been to Woodbury Jewish Center and I found it to be fantastic. I have no idea the cost but I'm sure it's at the upper end of the spectrum

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        You may want to rethink having an affair at a synagogue if you wish to save money. Many caterers add a fee for a rabbi and cantor even if you don't use their rabbi or cantor. I believe that K & T Caterers has a good package available for affairs.

        Deiscane is correct about Woodbury Jewish Center. Based on your budget, Woodbury JC would be too expensive.

        1. re: moonlightgraham

          I have actually heard ot K & T Caterers. I will check out their website. Thank you

        2. re: DeisCane

          Woodbury would be too expensive but thanks anyway.

        3. Lederman Caterers is one of the finest around. They are located in Great Neck at Temple
          Israel. Although the facility is currently undergoing renovation, they do a lot of off
          premises catering. Laura Lederman is terrific and innovative with her cuisine.

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            I will give Temple Israel a call. Thanks.

          2. Have you looked at Shelter Rock Jewish Center? (Caterer is DeLuxe and is very good).

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              I had mentioned in a previous post that getting married in a synagogue can be more expensive than in a hall. Another reason why this is the case is that in many of the synagogues that were named, the caterers do not give you much of a choice regarding florists. They will only allow "certain" florists. These florists are usually pricey. If you can pick your own florist, rabbi, and cantor you can save money.

              1. re: moonlightgraham

                This is true. But the flip side is that a number of venues (hotels particularly, but others as well) will charge you almost the same as they would have if you were eating their food, AND you'll still have to pay for the kosher food.

                1. re: masteraleph

                  That is true, plus you pay a corking fee for every bottle of soda and wine that you use even if use your own Kosher caterer. You are much better off costwise using a shul with an in house caterer ,as long as you are satisfied with the caterer. Kotimsky and Tuchman does a nice job. I was there for an an affair a couple of years ago. It is relatively small,though .

            2. I got married several years ago at Beth El in Cedarhurst and was quite happy with it. The prices were then below $100, but I have no idea now what they are.

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              1. re: luvinduvin

                lvinduvin's husband asks if 5 years is really "several years ago" He would have thought that qualified more as "a few years ago". Nonetheless we were pleased with Beth El...

                1. re: luvinduvin

                  I viewed Temple Beth El in Cedarhurst this past Fall '10. Current cost was estimated at $110 per person.