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Aug 23, 2009 12:07 PM


Hello experienced Foodies,

When it comes to delivery I'm a creature of habit meaning that I get stuck in a rut easily and only stick to 1-2 places. However, I'm really excited about the new year and want to try new things (at my door, haha). For the sake of diversity I'm currently putting together a list of delivery foods in my neighborhood (Which is Broadway and 110th for reference).

My current go-tos:

BREAKFAST: Kitchenette (I'm a big breakfast food fan and theirs is pretty great when it comes to taste. Only downside is that it's quite expensive....)

MEXICAN: Blockhead (I love it. Great taste/ affordable price/ reliable service).

"AMERICAN"FOOD: Metro Dinner @ 100th/Broadway (Good burgers, pasta dishes...Could be cheaper on the dishes. Unfortunately I haven't really found a GREAT burger here yet )

CHINESE FOOD: Ollie's (....yeah. Not great but right next door).

My lacking areas are DESSERT (the thought of amazing dessert delivered to my door is giddy-worthy) CHINESE and ZE BURGER, but this is a new year and I'm open to suggestions on all areas (sushi, indian, etc...) and make sure to recommend your favorite!

Obviously the cheaper the better for a student but this is Manhattan, haha.

HUGE thanks in advance and if this thread works I'll be sure to post impressions as I sample your picks. :D

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  1. Fortago does a serviceable burger & delivers to Columbia. I can't think of too many dessert places that deliver other than Crepes on Columbus, which is decent. For Indian, my favorite is Indian Cafe. Indus Valley gets good reviews, but Indian Cafe is much cheaper (especially combined with their ubiquitous coupons.) Mexican try Taqueria La Fonda or Noche Mexicana -- personally I wasn't a fan of Blockheads. I like Deluxe for breakfast delivery.

    I haven't found even decent sushi in the neighborhood, unfortunately (but I will admit I am super-picky about sushi.)

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      First on the list is Fortago then. I don't know how I didn't know about it since it's so close and sounds really decent according to online opinion.

      What didn't you like about Blockheads's food? Why the others instead?

      What do you recommend at Indian Cafe (I don't actually think I've ever *had* Indian Food)? I will give it a try.

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        Fortago opened only about a year ago, relatively new.

        I simply don't find Blockhead's appetizing! But I'm not a huge fan of Mexican food anyway -- Taqueria Y Fonda's meat can be dry at times but other than that it's one of better Mexican places in town.

        I like bharta (eggplant) and lamb curry at Indian Cafe -- I don't recommend their vindaloo.

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          * * * UWS Delivery Master List so Far * * *

          FORTAGO: Cheeseburger and fries. (The red velvet cake gets a lot of buzz too)

          INDIAN CAFE: Lamb Curry + Bharta (I'll give you my impressions, haha)

          TAQUERIA Y FONDA: The Shrimp enchilada looks good on yelp. Any favorites?

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        1. I'm sure there are a lot more recommendations to be shamelessly obtained from local Chowhounders, haha.

          If you also have meal suggestions at these particular places- I'm all ear.

          Breakfast wise, I've heard good things from "Good Enough to Eat" ( Thoughts?