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Aug 23, 2009 10:55 AM

Chat Bar and Grill in the village of Scarsdale, NY

Ok... so there have been a bunch of rumors about what big restaurant is going in to the space next to the luxury apartments (Christie Place) in Scarsdale Village. And I just took a walk around that area and there was a sign up! CHAT BAR AND GRILL... anyone know anything about it? It looks very upscale-ish. The windows were covered with paper, but it looked like it could open soon! Im so VERY excited!

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  1. same owners as chat in larchmont...

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    1. re: kaaaassss

      Also own Moscato in Scarsdale. This one is supposed to be American cuisine.

    2. Ohhh I see... I thought it was gonna be something a bit more flashy, more NYC (not that I wanted that kind restaurant)... I had just heard a rumor that the Nobu restaurant that was supposed to open up in White Plains was coming to Scarsdale! But thanks!

      1. Anyone know when this is supposed to open? Walked by last night and it was still closed.

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        1. re: cornellfrancis

          It is open but there's a grand opening next Sunday between 3-5PM.

          1. Paper came off the bar windows yesterday. Dining room was still covered, workers inside. Someone said two weeks to opening... (Photo attached.)

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              Thanks for the picture! I can already tell its so gonna be the hot spot for scarsdale high school kids. They can definitely afford it!

              1. re: surman

                Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the opening.

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                  Sign in the window yesterday says it's opening today!

                  1. re: markmd

                    It is open. Dinner entrees $17-30. Lunch/brunch entrees $12-18.

                    1. re: surman

                      It's been pretty crowded every day when I walk by at 6:30pm or so.
                      They have kids menu for $7-$9 or so.

                      And grand opening party this Sunday 3-5pm