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Aug 23, 2009 10:36 AM

cute, cheap, colorful, works like a dream...what did I do without it?

I treated myself to this paring knife on a whim (like I need another knife!) but it quickly became indispensable for lots of small kitchen jobs....Nothing better, btw, for slicing tomatoes, not to mention a great little gift...

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  1. Hi, fauchon. First, I want to re-introduce myself. I posted here briefly several years ago under the name MaggieRSN, but life got busy. Lately, I find myself researching things here freqently, but I couldn't seem to log in under the old name, even after CH sent me my password, etc. So, here I am with a new user name.

    Anyway...I have this knife, in red. I love the thing. I have other paring knives--an old carbon steel Sabatier, which I love for fine work; a Wusthof Classic, whose handle is comfortable; a couple of grocery store "first-apartment" specials, one of which stunk from the get-go and should be tossed, and the second of which actually has a very nice blade and has been a trooper through the years.

    But hubby got me the Kuhn Rikon as a Christmas stocking stuffer, and I think it's great. So far the edge has stayed well. I use the steel on it now and then, when I remember. And I do use it for more than paring...for slicing smaller tomatoe varieties; slicing carrots, celery, fennel stalks, etc.; cutting or dicing smaller things such as shallots or new potatoes.

    I appreciate the guard that comes with it and, thanks to the cheery color, I can always spot it instantly.