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Aug 23, 2009 09:29 AM

Best Bakery in Northwest Bergen County (i.e. Ridgewood area)

Having tried the majority of the bakeries around here with no success at all, (well, maybe except for Market Basket...which is so-so), I am looking for an old-fashioned bakery that sells great pastry (i.e. almond horns, turnovers, etc.). After all this time living in the area, we've yet to find one that actually tastes fresh and delicious!!

I should say for a while the bakery in Westwood (can't remember name but they have another location in Fairlawn) was great and BF raved about the turnovers there...but then...the magic was gone ;-)

Area - Ridgewood, Ho-ho-kus, Allendale, Ramsey, Franklin Lakes, etc.


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  1. butterflake in teaneck on cedar lane has awesome rainbow cookies and is ann old style jewish bakery
    in ridgewood the ridgewood coffee company has some nice pastries
    in a pinch the a and p in midland park has some very good stuff at good prices
    this part of the world is a bakery wasteland
    by the way the male glen bagerlcompany at maple and 208 us the best in bergen county awesome lox sandwich and specialty bages and sandwiches
    dont even bother with the overs in ridgewood metro trust me

      1. re: Sdenred

        Definitely a bakery wasteland!
        I'll have to try butterflake...I haven't found an old fashioned Jewish bakery in years-
        Never thought the Ridgewood Coffee company had good pastries - I'll try them-

        Unfortunately not a fan of B & W or Wyckoff Bakery, but thanks!

        1. re: lovessushi

          butterflake is beyond awesome at my funeral i intend eating their rainbow cookies as my final dessert
          also as an aside the rainbow cookes at rocco's as well as pignoli cookies and homemade ices are worthj the effort to go to greenwich village also go across the street for faicco's for the best italian cold cuts

          re the ridgewood coffee company
          they are a treasure their cold brewed ice coffee and a piece of pastry is all you need as a comfort snack.
          pastries are made by a woman named sharon i believe
          regardless scrumptios the crumb cake marries perfectly to a coffeee
          my 19 year daughter loves their king krimson herbal iced tea
          happy noshing

          1. re: foodismylife

            EEK! Homemade ices??! I'd go anywhere for those...
            Will try the Ridgewood Coffee company this never occurred to me that they made their pastries there...
            Good noshing indeed :-)

            1. re: lovessushi

              if u go to bleecker st for roccos first have pizza at keste or john/s
              have the nucciola(hazelnut) ices as well as the lemon and chocolate don't get too fancy
              make sure the rainbow cookies are fresh and soft
              pignoli and orange cookies superb
              all a little pricy
              gradually eat the rainbows over a course of days taste changes as it gets older
              when you get back to ridgewood go to a mano for the best pizza in bergen
              ridgewood coffee company best for morning pastries as well as a late nite snack
              fress en gesundt

      2. One not yet mentioned: Reinholds' Quality Bakery in Waldwick (

        And in Ramsey, I believe there is a pastry shop being constructed in the little shopping center next to Brady's At The Station.

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        1. re: billpitcher

          Lets not forget the wonderful pastry at Rispoli in Ridgefield, NJ an institution since I was a kid. Used to be in West New York, moved to Bergen county and has been wooing everyone since. Try the cannoli and lobster tails....

          1. re: doxy216

            Ooh - I am in Ridgefield a lot...I will have to check that out...never heard of a lobster tail but bf is a HUGE fan of cannoli!


          2. re: billpitcher

            Looking forward to checking out that new pastry shop.

            Unfortunately I had a terrible experience at Reiinhold's when we moved here...awful service and terribly awful pastry. Perhaps it was just a fluke.

            1. re: lovessushi

              not a fan of Reinholds either. its near the house, but i will still take a drive for good cake.

          3. There isn't a huge variety but the rolling pin cafe in westwood has great desserts. He makes them all there and the scones are awesome!!

            If you want a french bakery nothing beats didier dumas in nyack (not in BC I know)!

            There is always carousel bakery in rockland county which isn't too far

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            1. re: foodaholic8

              Carousel has opened Carousel Cupcakes in Ridgewood next to the movie theatre.
              They have cake too....

            2. i wouldn't make a special trip for Butterflake - they did my brother's wedding cake in April and no one was really impressed. my mother & sister both said it was dry and tasted like it was made from a boxed mix. of course i couldn't eat it b/c of the gluten issue, but i did swipe a finger-ful of icing for good luck. it was greasy and totally flavorless.

              for French pastries, try Patisserie St Michel on Queen Anne Rd in Teaneck, or Balthazar (yes, it's the same one) in Englewood.

              as others have suggested, Rispoli's is definitely a good bet for Italian pastries, as is Palermo's in Ridgefield Park or D'Anna's in Lodi.

              Miller's Bakery in Cliffside Park is a popular, locally-beloved spot. in fact, they also have a shop in Tenafly which replaced a former outpost of Wyckoff Bakery there - and i'd skip Wyckoff Bakery unless it's improved over the years - everything i had from there back in the day was mediocre.

              BTW, i think the Westwood & Fairlawn place you're thinking of is Sugarflake.

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              1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                Thanks for all the tips...

                Balthazar sounds great - I'll have to try that and add the others to my list as well. Definitely want to try the one in Ridgewood as that's right by me...

                And yes, Wyckoff Bakery, imo, is terrible. You can almost taste the chemicals.

                1. re: lovessushi

                  don't miss the flourless chocolate torte at Balthazar if they have it. yum!

                  1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                    Ooh that sounds so good...I will have to stop there this week! That is just too tempting!!

                    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                      If that is the chocolate almond torte, I had it for my B-day and everyone loved it.

                    2. re: lovessushi

                      I live in Tenafly and I go to Balthazar at least once a week. Get the olive loaf and the potato onion bread. Key lime tart was good...they also have cannele if you are lucky. as someon here mentioned, balthazar is better for bread than cake, etc.

                    3. re: goodhealthgourmet

                      I believe Patisserie St. Michele closed this summer.
                      This area is a bakery wasteland. butterflake is good, but not what it used to be.
                      The Rockland bakery is decent - and a fun experience - the best Black and Whites anywhere. About 20 minutes from Ridgewood.
                      The Ramsey Shoprite is a good choice for general pastries - they make them fresh and right in the store.
                      If you don't mind the drive to Rockland, there is a bakery in Suffern - Crumbs (I think) that people seem to like, though I have not been recently.
                      Also in the general area is DePierro's Farm which has a bakery.
                      There is a decent bakery in Hawthorne, definitely an Italian style, but I can't remember the name - it is somewhere near Diamond Bridge or Lafayette.
                      Good Luck.

                      1. re: jerseydiner

                        Thanks - bakery wasteland indeed! Crumbs isn't all it's cracked up to be imo. DePierro's is just ok I think...the Hawthorne bakery as decent...

                        I feel like I've been everywhere! Why is this so difficult?! :-)

                        Thanks again-

                        1. re: jerseydiner

                          Gee, I hope Patisserie St. Michele is just closed for vacation, Tney always take off the weeks around Labor Day. Andre, the baker, said he will be open until New years Eve 2010 and then he is retiring.

                        2. re: goodhealthgourmet

                          I live in Tenafly...on my like 3rd day of moving into this town, my husband and I went into Miller's bakery to see what they have...we looked at some of their stuff and left the bakery right away...nothing really looked good...

                          1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                            GHG - You mention the Fair Lawn location. Could this be the old Cake Box in Radburn? Not sure either one of them still exist.