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Aug 23, 2009 07:51 AM

Thailand vacation tips????

I would love to go to Thailand in October. Best food location/resort? Any tips or suggestions?

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  1. street food.

    what kind of travel do you do?

    1. Streetfood and markets everywhere. And morning offerings differ from night offerings. Make sure you go to NE Thailand (Isaan) where you get Lao food - a cuisine equal to the best in the world. Stay away from resorts.

      1. You can't really go wrong in Thailand, although I'd avoid Hua Hin, Pattaya and Phuket (the latter unless you are flush and can stay in top end resorts and villas, it's a hole otherwise). I love staying up around the River Kwai as it's quiet, jungly and the food is good. Northern Thai food is more interesting than southern Thai as you get the Laos/Cambodian influences and it's super, super hot. Bangkok as well is always rocking for 24-48 hours. There's a bunch of recommends and avoids on my blog I usually get to BKK, see what the weather is doing for the coming week and then head where it looks best. I've had some awesome holidays that have been planned as little as that, taking trains, planes or hiring cars. Lots of fun, lovely people, cheap and fantastic food. You can really eat anything off the street and it will be great, no matter how rustic the setting.

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          Get off the beaten track and you will have a MUCH more satisfying trip.