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Nov 23, 2004 05:57 PM

Help: need challah- downtown/eastside

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Chow emergency: I need to get a loaf of OK-quality challah tonight, or tomorrow AM, to make turkey dressing on Saturday; we've moved our office downtown, so I'm no longer Fairfax-adjacent. Suggestions?


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  1. I know it's not close but Schwartz's on Fairfax is open until 8pm I think.

    1. Try Langer's. You might try Brooklyn Bagel as well - although no guarentee.

      1. Noah's Bagels does a good challah but call first to make sure they have it, they're open in Pasadena and Larchmont early...also the in-store bakery at Gelson's in Pasadena...

        1. I just discovered that Los Angeles Baking Company, on Broadway in Lincoln Heights, will make challah with one day's notice, for $3.75. It's excellent! Very light and delicate, and very pretty, it is tasty plain and fabulous as French Toast.

          I told owner Ron how much we enjoyed it and he just smiled and said it's the best bread he makes. Why should I be surprised that a Nicaraguan baker in a Mexican / Chinese neighborhood bakes a great Jewish bread?

          Los Angeles Baking Company
          2108 North Broadway
          Los Angeles, CA 90031

          1. the victor benes bakery at gelson's in pasadena sells challah. make sure you call ahead and reserve. tis the season. there's also a victor benes inside the gelson's in silverlake and hollywood.