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Aug 23, 2009 07:09 AM

Mulato Chiles

I want to make black mole using Rick Bayless' recipe, but I can't find mulato chiles anywhere. I've tried Fiesta, Central Market, and La Michoacana on Cameron. Is there anyplace in Austin to get them?

While I'm at it, can you get avacado leaves in Austin?

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  1. Mulato chiles are dried poblanos which are available just about everywhere. Simply use your oven on lowest setting or a dehydrator to make your own.

    1. I'm fairly sure El Milagro's brick & mortar storefront on E 6th street sells them (bright yellow building on NW corner just one block east of I35.

      Oh - and I did homemade mole last fall - amazing. Just make sure and saute the dried peppers long enough in sufficient oil. And I don't recall Rick's suggestion on the seeds; but reserve all of them and supplement as needed for heat control.


      1. Re: avocado leaves. I spotted some at the La Familia Mexican Market, on Research at about Ohlen. Didn't see any mulato chiles, but they did have a great variety of other Mexican ingredients, including some really obscure stuff I didn't even recognize.