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Thumanns hotdogs in CT

For anyone familiar with Thumanns hotdogs, I have found a market in central CT that carries them. I learned of this hotdog from the roadfood.com website but have never been able to find it. It's always rated as one of the best.
As far as CT dogs go I always preferred Mucke's, Hummel and Kayem. Thumanns tops them both in my opinion. Gotta get the ones with the natural casings. Thumanns deli meats are comparable to Boars Head and arguably better.
If you've been looking for them, you can get them at a place called Meriden Supermaket on Hall Ave in Meriden, CT. He sometimes has them in the case but you would be safest to call and order them first. Great market for deli items and meats.

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  1. Thanks I have never had Thumanns but I will give them a try. My favorite is Mucke's but tonight a friend is bringinfg his fave. He will stop on his way over at Martin Rosol's in New Britain for dogs and kellies which are also pretty good on the (charcial) grill.

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      Anyone know where, besides New Britain, one can get Martin Rosol's? That's what they use at New Guida's in Middlefield and, right now, I'm crazy about them. Thanks.

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        Stew Leanards on the Berlin Tpke. also carries Martin Rosol. And they are open on Sundays (Martin Rosol has limitted hours).
        I also think Thumanns are the best. The type in the blue package. They are rather large, and you get 14 in a package. I just had my mother in law bring some from N.J.
        Thanks for the info Hotdoggal, now I'll try getting them from Meriden.

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          <<That's what they use at New Guida's in Middlefield and, right now, I'm crazy about them.>>

          Me, too! Me, too! Mom and I went last night for 2-for-1 dogs. Mine was chili 'n cheddar. Yummmmmmmm! They are soooooooooooo tasty.

          I don't care for Hummel dogs, but for anyone who is--that's what they serve at Top Dog on Route 66 and High St. (across from Cumberland Farms/Gulf) in Portland.

      2. I live in N.J. where Thumann's are plentiful. They are my favorite beef/pork dog (in the blue package). Definitely try them. I love Mucke's and Hummels as well and wish I could get them here.

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          Stop and Shop in Newington on Fenn Rd (Exit 28 off Rte 9n) carries Rosols hot dogs and Bliss Market in Wethersfield carries Hummels hot dogs. I went a couple of weeks ago to Meriden to get a couple of packages of Thumanns and will be back for more.......

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            Shaw's Supermarket was carrying Thumann's for a while - don't know if they have the hot dogs now, but worth a call. My favorite is Grote & Weigel from Bloomfield.

        2. I believe I've seen them at the Southbury Food Market

          1. I don't live in your area (will visit soon) but a little market in San Francisco got some Thumann hot dogs in stock. I looked at the pkg and it says 200 calories each. Calories from fat: 190!!!! So, it's like almost all fat.

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              Holy crow, you're right. http://www.thumanns.com/products_hotd... 2nd one from the bottom. Gross.

              edit: That can't be right. They must mean 200 calories that aren't fat, and 190 that are. They list 21 grams of fat, 9 calories per gram, so that's 189 calories of fat, but they also show 2g carbs and 9g protein, which are both 4 calories per gram, so that alone would bring the total to 233 calories. I think they just didn't do their labels right.

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                So do we think each dog has 390 calories??? Is that possible? Let's see, could I find a hotdog bun about two inches long?

            2. I don't think anyone is saying hot dogs are health food, but if the 200/190 numbers are correct, that hot dog is 95% fat. I don't think that's the case.

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                Inquiry to Thumann's was answered:
                I reviewed the laboratory reports. The total calories should read 240. Thank you for the heads up. We will correct the information.
                Bill Merkent
                Plant Manager

              2. hotdoggal, if you're heading to Meriden, you owe it to yourself to check out Noack's--weisswurst, bratwurst, all the BEST wurst.

                Noack's Meat Products
                1112 E Main St, Meriden, CT

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                  Thanks kattyeyes. I am well acquainted with Noacks. I pass it everyday! Delicious! I love their bratwurst, knockwurst, german potato salad, smoked pork chops and meat salad. Very fresh and delicious.

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                    Noack's also has great hot dogs & bacon.

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                      I have yet to try the bacon. It's on the list now!

                  2. I gave the Thumanns dogs a shot but was underwhelmed with how they cooked up and especially tasted(ditto for the taste of the cold cuts, was hoping for ANYTHING better than Boar's Head...I just don't get it with those cuts but that's another discussion). I respectfully say "to each their own".

                    With the raves here for the Thumanns dogs I was disappointed but I do believe I got the right ones(blue package with smaller quantity) at Meriden Supermarket. They seem like awfully nice people there but I just got a little tired of the deli prices that are displayed and then the several instances where the scale sticker was higher. Happened too many times so I've moved on(some of the prepared foods were good though). Too bad they stopped carrying Neil's Donuts too..oh well.

                    Yes, the 2-for-1 Rosols at Guida's are dog-gone good. Quite a crowd at times huh!?! What is it with that chili? I just always liked it too. Couple of those and a couple with spicy mustard and that new hot relish will make a Monday indeed.

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                      I have not noticed a difference in the deli prices displayed vs the sticker. Will definately keep an eye on that. He could not have carried Neils Donuts long. I never even saw them! Thanks for the tip.

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                        <<Quite a crowd at times huh!?!>>
                        Ohmygoodness, yes. We sat at the counter last night just people watching as probably a dozen people (over the course of our meal) waited for their take-out dogs. I think everyone in the greater Middletown-Middlefield-Meriden triangle knew about the Monday night special and was out in force! :)

                      2. As a born and bred Jersey girl, I'll vouch for Thumanns. In fact, until I got my first apartment (in Boston) I never had "grocery store" hotdogs at home. Mom only buys Thumanns.

                        I'm also a Nathan's fan, but they are spicy.

                        If you can get Thumanns, give them a try. You'll never go back to Ballpark, etc.

                        1. You can get Thumann's sometimes at Balducci's [or whatever name they are using now] in Westport on the Post Road near the Fairfield town line.

                          The problem is that their deli counter is out of stock about 50% of the time.

                          Good dog, great crunch. Nathan's also good but has more spice. Too bad you can't get Katz's elsewhere than Katz's on Houston St.

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                            Katz's uses a natural casing Sabrett beef frank. I know the skinless version is available in Conn. but not sure about the ones with skin.

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                              I am a Deutchmacher cello-frank man myself.

                          2. bliss market in wethersfield has 1/4 pound muckes that are to die for! nice snap and excellent flavor. getting so to hunker down with during the storm. stay safe!

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                              You can get 12-inch Mucke's at Stop and Shop, too (at least I did in M'town). They're EXCELLENT! I think I like them better than Rosol's, even. That's a smart storm idea. Now added to the list for my last run along with my favorite cold cuts. Thank you!

                            2. I've heard good things about the Thumanns dogs but I haven't tried them. The best dogs I know of in CT are the Grote and Weigel. I grewup in CT but now live in Mass. The Blue Seal out on Chicopee are the best dog I've ever had. They have a snap that can't be beat. And, of course, they are best with a little mustard and chopped onion. No ketchup for anyone over the age of 12!

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                                Never saw the blue seal dogs, but their kielbasa is awesome. Anyone have a source for the dogs near Hartford?