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Aug 23, 2009 06:03 AM

Apple Picking @ HoneyPot Hill

We went for the first apple picking of the season. Blueberry picking was still available, but we had not do that as we had gone earlier in the week and they were wonderful. But we picked Sanzas (my favorite eating apple) and Gravensteins (my favorite baking apple). The kids had a great time. They were making peach/blueberry smoothies, and purchases of multiple boxes of peaches were on special. :)

Lots of fun. Just wanted to share!

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  1. Thanks Makonna. Where, exactly is Honey Pot Hill?

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      1. re: StriperGuy

        HAH... Google IS my friend... just being lazy this morning. Thanks!

    1. It's in Stow. Although I see below that someone has already atached the link. I think it's fabulous. The people are friendly. The fruits are always tasty. I picked up both their raspberries and peaches, and my friend got their cherry tomatoes. They make their own honey which they use in their smoothies. And my two year old and for year old already want to go back. It doesn't really get better than that for us. :)

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        Have an apple cider donut while you're there.... wooooo. Like being a kid again.

        Their apples are DELISH! Albeit, expensive.