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Aug 23, 2009 05:58 AM

Fairfield, CT - Today, late afternoon

Meeting friends this afternoon in Fairfield, one of whom will have her young son (1.5) with her. Hoping to meet around 4 for a light bite to eat and somewhere thats kid friendly. The only places we're coming up with to meet at that time are more burgers/fried/bar food greasy type places. Any hounds out there have other suggestions? We prefer light apps, salads, sandwiches or seafood. TIA.

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  1. Not positive what's open on Sunday, but have you tried Martel Bistro? I haven't been, but my brother and his family love it...french bistro type is on-line...seems like a step or two up from greasy!

    1. Just checked, they are open on Sundays, bar opens at 4, they start serving food at 5...

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        lololo bar opens before restaurant, CT you rock lololool

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          Thanks! This could definitely work.