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Aug 23, 2009 12:56 AM

A Rest. called Zacaria's on the Amalfi Coast

documentary film maker ken burns says he had one of the two best meals of his life there. have you been there?? same RR (rave review)??

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  1. It's Zaccaria's with two Cs. It's near the beach in the town of Amalfi, and I don't think I've ever seen it mentioned anywhere else.

    On an Italian restaurant-review Web site, someone says that it's good but rather bare-bones. Sort of in keeping with Burns' stated preference for restaurants called Betty's rather than Mrs. Smith's...

    1. Da Zaccaria also piqued my interest when I saw it mentioned on MArio Batali's site. It is next to the tunnel connecting Amalfi with Atrani. I passed through the outside en route to Atrani a couple of times (5/08) and did not see any activity in the it still open?

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        Erica, your mention of Mario Batali reminded me that's the restaurant we walked through returning from Atrani to Amalfi. On a Sunday afternoon in early May, there was one -- perhaps two -- occupied table/s in the porch area. So Da Zaccaria is definitely open. Sparsely patronized, but open.

      2. I ate at Zaccaria's, which is located exactly where described (on the beachside outside of the galleria/tunnel) that bores through the mountain separating Atrani from the town of the Amalfi. I ate there (after finding it on Mario Batali's website) and can't say it was the best meal of my life, or even in Italy -- or even along the Amalfi coast (that would be Da Salvatore in Ravello) but it was fine and it was nice to be so close to the sea.

        For what it's worth, I don't think much of Ken Burns documentaries or interests.

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          My wife and I ate there in the summer of '08 and found it to be adequate but below the other places where we ate in Atrani (A Paranza, Le Palme, and L'Arcate).

          As a side note, if you ever happen to be in Minori (a short ride from Atrani), we had an incredible lunch at Il Pontile Osteria.