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Aug 23, 2009 12:20 AM

French Tarts in Montreal - Worth Looking For?

I am headed to Montreal at the beginning of September and wondered, are French tarts big there? I know that croissants are popular, but how about tarts? They are my favorite dessert, so don't bother recommending tarts that are just so-so.

FYI, Balthazar Bakery in NYC has raised the bar for how good a tart can be IMO. Their tarts - the filling, the crust, the presentation - just blow my mind.

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  1. I was going to make a joke about Radio Lounge, but I've decided against it.

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    1. re: SnackHappy

      I went on the Balthazar website to see their tarts but they were not pictured, everything else was, their galettes look amazing, don't see those in Montreal.

      Premiere Moisson has the individual tarts, they have a shortbread cookie-like crust,
      and the fillings vary, lemon is common, they do a chocolate nut that is excellent, they also do a pecan pie version filling, without nuts we call them "au sucre". So I would venture to say that tarts are common in Montreal, most bakeries have them.

      You'll have to tell us how they compare to Balthazar's tarts !!

    2. Define tart for you? because here you'll find 'tarte' is not 'tart' but mostly pie...I mean, bakeries like Premiere Moisson, Bonatarte, etc. have both the 'tart' and the 'pies' but I cannot say if one place is better than another. Others I am sure will be able to chime in.

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        I was assuming a tart was with one crust, and flatter, and a pie usually covered with another crust or latticed, and deeper-dish.

        Mamie Clafoutis in Outremont is very good, though I haven't had their sweet tarts as I'm avoiding anything with more sugar than a croissant at most. Friends who have had their tarts (in the sense of flat open pies, not of "tartelettes" - small tarts - swear by them.

        Mamie Clafoutis 1291 Van Horne H2V 1K5 514.750.7245

        They are very close to Outremont m├ętro.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. I think we need a little clarification on what kind of french tart we are talking about (jokes notwithstanding).

          When I hear the words french tart, I immediately think of those flat tarts filled with custard and then covered in beautiful glazed fresh fruit. Is this what Italyvespa referring to? If so, there are many fine examples of these tarts in Montreal. Montreal does French pastry well. But it seems to me that if the OP has already found their favorite tarts back home (I am assuming OP lives in NYC and that Balthazar is their go-to place), then do they need to find them here?

          Awaiting clarification....

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          1. re: moh

            There is also the very classic "tarte aux pommes" (not the tarte tatin) with fine apple slices artfully arranged on the tart pastry - no custard.

          2. Ah ha! Addendum. From looking at Italyvespa's profile, it seems OP is from Austin, not NYC. So in fact, it is probably worthwhile for them to hunt down french tarts while in Montreal.

            Italyvespa, yes, it is worth looking for french pastry in Montreal. Let us know exactly what you are looking for, and we can make recommendations.