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Aug 22, 2009 10:23 PM

One great meal in Portland?

We have one free night for dinner in Portland and want a delicious dinner at someplace nice. Have been to Paley's, Higgin's, the Heathman, and want something different. We do not want Asian food, and probably not Italian (we get both at home all the time). Thinking about Wildwood or Sel Gris. What do you think?

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  1. Le Pigeon or Toro Bravo would be perfect for you. Not sure about the wait at LP, but it can definitely get long at TB. Nevertheless, both of these places just scream "josephnl."

    1. I think you'll get a great meal at either of those and they are good choices if you are looking for deliciious food in an upscale environment.

      Personally, I am not a fan of the communal seating at Le Pigeon and I don't always want to sit at the counter (I am just not that comfortable sitting on a high chair/bar stool.) though it is always interesting to watch the chef at work. And I love Toro Bravo but you can't make a reservation for 2 there and unless you wait outside 15 minutes before they open(which I don't mind), there is often quite a wait for tables...the food is fabulous, though.

      Another couple of good choices are Davis Street Tavern (if you are looking for an upscale choice) or Laurelhurst Market (not as upscale but very delicious), both of which also accept reservations.

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        JillO has mentioned Davis Street a lot lately. But I have to say, it is excellent. They have it dialed in nicely. At lunch, if you want to see and be seen, you sit up front. If you want privacy, you sit in a quet table in the back. If you want a nice drink or beer, the bar area is quite accommodating. So, yes, a good place. I have even found the food more enjoyable than Ten01, although the latter does seem to have somewhat more lofty ambitions.

      2. When I read that you've been to Paley's, Higgins, and the Heathman, and you want something different, I would offer either Ten01, Tabla, or Carlyle.

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          Tabla is a great idea. Lately they have been just outstanding, at the top of PDX dining. Steal of a deal on the prix fixe, too.

        2. We just had our "one great meal in Portland". We ate at Sel Gris and sat at the chef's counter. It was simply an outstanding dinner. The service was as close to perfect as we have ever experienced. The ambiance is great...especially wonderful when sitting at the chef's counter and watching the absolutely masterful Chef Daniel cook. He is an artist and absolutely a perfectionist. His food is amazing...everything from calamari, to foie gras, to salads, to risotto, to my favorite...the duck breast with foie gras is as perfect as it gets. I have eaten in Michelin 3 star restaurants in France and New York, but I have never had better food than Chef Daniel cooks!