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Liquid smoke?

I'm new to cooking and I want to try to make some pulled pork and the recipe calls for liquid smoke.

Where do you find liquid smoke (I live in Laval-Chomedey)? Can you find it at the supermarket or do you need a special food store? What section do you usually find that in?

Any brand I should look for?

Also, what's the name for it in french?

Thanks! =)

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    1. You can find liquid smoke in just about any super market I've ever visited. It's often with the seasonings. The brand I currently have on hand is "Figaro", but there are lots of other brands to choose from. The only difference I've found from one brand to another is whether it's hickory smoke or some other wood. I prefer hickory smoke, especially for pork, but if I can't find it I usually pick up what ever is available. All liquid smoke is made using the same process so, except for the type of wood used, you won't find enough difference to be concerned about.
      Liquid smoke, in french, is "fumée liquide".

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      1. If you can't find it, smoked paprika might be a good substitute.

        1. i don't use liquid smoke. i just don't like it. smoke the meat not the sauce.

          1. In the United States, you will find it in the same aisle as the hot sauces, ketchup, and worcestershire sauce. I don't know about France. Maybe French grocery stores have a different arrangement. Good luck!

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              gfr1111: France? I live in Quebec =)

              I finally found some after 3 supermarkets! Tried the sauce recipe I found and it turned out really great. The pork shoulder I tried was a bit bland, but that was probably because I didnt have time to let the rub penetrate the meat for hours.

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                Which brand did you find in Quebec?

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                  FoodFuser: Woodland - Natural Hickory Liquid Smoke (at Loblaws)

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                    Thanks. I was curious if USA major brands of Colgin's or Wright's were sold in Canada.

            2. I find it everywhere in canadian supermarkets, before discovering it we used powdered smoke (from a butcher I believe)

              I love adding a drop in lentil soups, it gives a really nice flavour.

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                I heard about Liquid smoke having carcinogens (or mutagens, whatever those are.) I'm sure it's only if you guzzle three bottles a day, but good to know: http://www.signonsandiego.com/uniontr...

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                      a tincture of soot? a tincture is an alcoholic extraction.

                      liquid smoke is condensation from smoke.

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                        There's a link in a previous thread to neat diagram of production:


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                          That is fascinating! I rarely buy the stuff and like others I thought it was an artificial chemical mishmash of God knows what!

                          Just a thought, I would imagine there are no more carcinogens in this than there would be in the smoke from a smoker anyway.

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                          well, the word "tincture" is often--and acceptably--used in a metaphorical sense. the meaning is not restricted to the pharmacological or chemical usage. for example, my original comment was tinctured with disdain for liquid smoke.

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                        Wikipedia is not a reliable source. It is very un-likely that tar and other carcinogens are filtered out of all brands of liquid smoke. Currently liquid smoke is on the FDA list of acrylamides.
                        Acrylamides can cause cancer.
                        Will a few drops harm any one? Not very likely but no one can say if all or any or the carcinogens are filtered from liquid smoke at this juncture.
                        Use it because there is no other option or because you chose to use it for a specific dish. Not because it's a "healthier" alternative to smoking, grilling or BBQ.

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                        I literally add a drop to an entire pot of soup, so yes I'm not too worried.
                        It's very strong and I'd advise not to get it on your hands. And also be sure to pour into the cap first then into the dish because too much comes out of the bottle. Be careful not to put it directly in a hot pan with few ingredients, it can smoke and burn, not good.

                        Thanks! :)

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                          My preference would be to add some double smoked bacon!