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Aug 22, 2009 08:39 PM

Current Pizza Situation in Torrance Area

Is Bonello's considered the Go-To place? An authentic Italian from the Bronx told me that was the pizza to go to...but I'm suspicious...

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  1. More or less dismal (the pizza situation). Can't speak for Bonello's.

    I usually order from a small chain called Garlic Jims. I get the thin crust and light on the sauce, and I'm happy.

    1. I never heard of Bonello's but I checked the location and only found that name in San Pedro. Maybe that is a different location or something. I looked at maps because I once worked in the area of Torrence and Harbor City and the pizza place I went to most often was either on Lomita Blvd or PCH in Harbor City. I cannot recall the name because it has been years since I worked out there but I do recall that the owner had many national awards for pizza tossing. The pizza was pretty good back then. Not sure but maybe the place below is the place I once went to very often.

      Philipos Pizza & Pasta
      (1206 Pacific Coast Hwy,
      Harbor City, CA 9071
      310) 517-0445

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      1. re: JeetJet

        Philipos is on PCH and Normandie. The pizza is decent thin crust. They do a decent business. The restaurant looks warn down.

      2. Not Torrance, but San Pedro is home to maybe the best new pizza place around. Pavich is amazing pizza with a great thin crust. Actually it's Croatian-style, but I prefer this to most of the thin crust pizza places around.

        1. I went to Pedone's in Redondo because....(cue "LA SUCKS" refrain)...Bonello's (the "New York Pizza place") closes at a very un-New York 9pm on Saturdays!!!!

          Pedone's, while extravagantly complimented at some other site, was one step above unedible.

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          1. re: echoparkdirt

            The crust at Pedone's had a hardened cardboard feeling to it.

          2. I believe there is a Bonello's across El Camino College on Crenshaw which has been there for years. They used to send out discount flyers and do home deliveries if I remember correctly. Haven't had their pizzas in a long time but when we did, it was probably the best around. To be honest, I prefer Costco pizzas...OK, shoot me!