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Current Pizza Situation in Torrance Area

Is Bonello's considered the Go-To place? An authentic Italian from the Bronx told me that was the pizza to go to...but I'm suspicious...

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  1. More or less dismal (the pizza situation). Can't speak for Bonello's.

    I usually order from a small chain called Garlic Jims. I get the thin crust and light on the sauce, and I'm happy.

    1. I never heard of Bonello's but I checked the location and only found that name in San Pedro. Maybe that is a different location or something. I looked at maps because I once worked in the area of Torrence and Harbor City and the pizza place I went to most often was either on Lomita Blvd or PCH in Harbor City. I cannot recall the name because it has been years since I worked out there but I do recall that the owner had many national awards for pizza tossing. The pizza was pretty good back then. Not sure but maybe the place below is the place I once went to very often.

      Philipos Pizza & Pasta
      (1206 Pacific Coast Hwy,
      Harbor City, CA 9071
      310) 517-0445

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        Philipos is on PCH and Normandie. The pizza is decent thin crust. They do a decent business. The restaurant looks warn down.

      2. Not Torrance, but San Pedro is home to maybe the best new pizza place around. Pavich is amazing pizza with a great thin crust. Actually it's Croatian-style, but I prefer this to most of the thin crust pizza places around.

        1. I went to Pedone's in Redondo because....(cue "LA SUCKS" refrain)...Bonello's (the "New York Pizza place") closes at a very un-New York 9pm on Saturdays!!!!

          Pedone's, while extravagantly complimented at some other site, was one step above unedible.

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            The crust at Pedone's had a hardened cardboard feeling to it.

          2. I believe there is a Bonello's across El Camino College on Crenshaw which has been there for years. They used to send out discount flyers and do home deliveries if I remember correctly. Haven't had their pizzas in a long time but when we did, it was probably the best around. To be honest, I prefer Costco pizzas...OK, shoot me!

            1. bonello's is on gaffey in pedro. it's good. tending to nyc style. but being born there, I hesitate to credit that fully.
              ditto a recommedation of pavich, on alma.--good I mean.
              also very fine is sorrento on 25th and western.
              just had their half fresh tomato half sausage. excellent sausage.

              1. There are three (3) restaurants in the South Bay that go by the name "Bonello's":


                The one across from El Camino College is dreck -- can't comment on the other two. If you Google the name, you'll see lotsa shillin' and jivin' about how "the pizza is totally awesome at Bonello's!!!1!ONE!" Don't believe the hype...

                +3 on the Pavich's rec: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/612053

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                  There are three Bonello's I found

                  Bonello's Pizza
                  832 S Gaffey St
                  San Pedro, CA 90731
                  (310) 832-7544

                  20120 Anza Ave
                  Torrance, CA 90503

                  16006 Crenshaw Blvd
                  Gardena, CA 90249
                  (310) 327-0355

                  Does anyone know if any of these are worth a try?

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                    As I stated in the post you just responded to, YES there are three (3) locations, and NO, the Crenshaw locations sucks. Try the others at your own risk...

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                      I used to go to Bonello's on Anza in Torrance all the time as a kid and it was great. I'm a huge fan of NY style pizza, and although I can't tell you how authentic it is, it's definitely worth a try. Of note, I haven't been there in years.

                    2. re: Joe Blowe

                      I thought the one across from El Camino College was decent. It's not worth going out for but if you pass by it and you want pizza it's fine. When I took a summer class and would go straight after work and I was too lazy to prepare 5 meals in the morning to last the entire day, I'd go there for a slice.