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Aug 22, 2009 07:41 PM


I just went to this place tonight, and I wanted to let all of my fellow foodies know what a great experience I had. Honestly, just go! I ordered the seared Tuna with Heirlooms and Seaweed salad (salty, nicely balanced and incredibly fresh) and the Lamb Chops- (very succulent, served with home made tortillas-the chef's mother makes them-and heirloom beans) and was blown away. I especially wanted to get the word out because although the food was great, the place was pretty empty on a Saturday night and I would hate to see this one go under. I am still kicking myself for not getting more of a word out about Little D's, which just closed, and I feel is a real loss to the neighborhood and the New York Restaurant scene in general. Bottom line a place like Miracle Grill (which besides the fish tacos) is pretty lousy should not be packed on a Saturday night, while this one is half empty. No real foodie should stand for it. Please, take your money to a place that deserves it, go to GET FRESH in PARK SLOPE BROOKLYN. It's one of the best places in Park Slope.

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