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Aug 22, 2009 07:00 PM

Lucy's Bistro-Babylon

Just returned from an anniversay dinner at Lucy's. We were the ony people in the place on a Saturday night. Food was very nice but the wait staff was terrible. You would think that in these times, a restaurant that is not that easy to find and a bit expensive would make you feel more at home. I guess the fact that the waiters were playing bar dice rather than tending to the only customers in the house, kind of turned me off. Would like to hear of other expierences there.

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  1. Funny that you mention that. I haven't been there since they stopped serving lunch (at least, from the signs outside it seems they have). But the last time I was there I had a turn off: one of the waitstaff was on an extended break and was being pretty loud and obnoxious relaxing at a nearby table.

    In fairness, that was a single experience, and I'd otherwise had acceptable if not great service.

    1. We too went there once, about a year ago. We liked the food but the waitress we had was so terrible we never went back.

      1. I must be blessed then! We went last year during Babylon Restaurant Week and this year during Babylon Restaurant week. Last year was a better meal all around, but the service was fine both times around. This year especially since we had our 20 mo. old with us.