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Aug 22, 2009 05:45 PM

Old Super 88 - New Hong Kong Market - Malden

The Hong Kong Market is really starting to takes shape. The store is probably about 60% stocked. They got rid of almost everything that was in the old Super 88.

This store has much more variety than Super 88 ever had. Has more Japanese than before but still very little and almost no Korean. It definately had much more Thai, Vietnamese and Malaysian than the Super 88.

As for Chinese products it has many more products than super 88 ever had.

Lets hope this new company can keep the store stocked.

I'm guessing that by next weekend the store will be fully stocked.

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  1. Please dear lord of victuals have them do the same for the Allston location.

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    1. re: StriperGuy

      Was in the Allston one today, lots of stock ready to go on the shelves though I didn't check it out too much (was once again hopefully/hopelessly browsing for kaffir lime leaves...). Pallets of cans and bottles all around the place but produce and meats looked the same as have been for some time....something's gotta happen to that too else it's a waste of effort

      1. re: Zatan

        Assume you probably saw this, but heck, grow your own kaffir lime leaves:

        1. re: Zatan

          Funny, we were in the Allston store this evening and noticed that the produce and meats are already considerably better than they had been for a while there: nothing approaching great yet, but my experience with this kind of store overhaul is that frozen foods, meats and finally produce are the last things to go in.

          1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

            I hope you are correct.

            The frozen foods and produce at the Malden location have not been improved yet. Hopefully next week.

            Meats even during the last few months have always looked good, hopefully they will stay that way. I say look as I have never purchased fresh meat there. However, I have purchases sliced froze beef and it has always been very tasty.

            1. re: debidokun

              Kefir Lime leaves are hard to find. I hope the NHK Market carries pea shoots, the good refrigerated sushi ginger, the tiny baby bok choy....I was a big 88 fan and look forward to an even better experience with the 'new' market. Will they still have the buffet I wonder?

              1. re: ipsofatso

                They still have that take out spread and roast chicken and duck. Saw them bringing out the food earlier this morning. Restocking still has a ways to go - did not see dried red chilis or dried chinese mushrooms but the instant and dried noodle section was well stocked as well as some of the frozen section and bottled sauces.

        2. re: StriperGuy

          Yup, signs are up saying "HK market coming soon" and they have been seriously restocking for the last 36 hours in Allston. Prices are quite a bit higher than in the S88 heyday, but at least there's stuff to buy. Lots of Japanese impulse buy snack foods for sure, and all the staples you expect.

        3. made a trip to super 88 in malden this weekend (We were seriously low on Asian food supplies to wait for h-mart). We were really surprised with how much they had in stock. It was really overstocked with extra food displays crammed in every nook. There were a few things I couldn't find like banh xeo mix (something that I would assume would be a Vietnamese staple?), frozen custard buns, lee kum kee mixes (they had a few sauces but not the usual 25-30 kinds of sauces most stores stock), fresh noodle selection was really lacking (though a bigger variety of japanese noodles and ready made sweets) and some of the asian drinks we usually buy. BUT they did have a bigger selection in the bakery, the BBQ was open, a bigger selection of sauces/pickled items, candy, snacks and a huge selection of rice (which in recent months was almost nonexistent at super 88).
          definitely worth a revisit if you have been since super 88 had all those empty shelves!

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          1. re: noodlely

            Was there last week....looking good on all fronts EXCEPT....NO CHINESE SPAGHETTI FACTORY DUMPLINGS!!!!


            1. re: sinned61

              are they really that good? I have never seen them (or maybe just never noticed) at any of the stores. I always get the vietnamese brand ones b/c they taste the closest to homemade (I like the XO shrimp ones b/c they are little spicy).

          2. In contrast to the Allston market, all signs, bags, etc. here all still say "Super 88", not Hong Kong Market.

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            1. re: Dinsdale45

              I went to the Super 88 in Malden last week. I picked up some soy sauce and sesame oil. They have more inventory now than the last time I went . The bags and receipt say Super 88.

              1. re: Dinsdale45

                I was going to reply to the other thread, but just didn't have time and others had declared "case closed." But when I shopped at Malden on Saturday the bags _were_ Hong Kong Market and not certain about debit receipt (I paid cash and didn't keep register slip, but am > 80% certain it was super88). However, what I did notice is they took down all "Coming Soon Hong Kong Market" signs and had what seemed to be a new laminated Super88 Sign listing Allston, South Bay, and Malden addresses. And all the staffing is essentially the same before. I think folks are paying too much attention to who is paying what bills, but someone is investing in it (good) and some things I think are still up in the air (legal situation, the fact they haven't restocked any Chinese spaghetti factory items so I still think there are local merchants still owed money not willing to bet on this clearing up right away). Even though I am not certain its settled, but they sure are bringing up a lot of product from NY/NJ and its a really nice surprise to have _rice_ at the Super88/HK mkt again that I am just happy to keep shopping there while the dust settles.

                1. re: itaunas

                  I went again yesterday...still no Dumplings from C S F.

                  Does ANYONE carry these north of Boston???