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Aug 22, 2009 05:37 PM

Portion sizes at Noca?

How are the portion sizes at Noca? I'm not concerned for myself but my boyfriend loves food. I'd hate for him to walk out hungry.

Thanks again everyone :-)

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  1. There is a wide divergence of opinion on that subject. Some think they are small and others think they are perfectly adequate in size.

    If you are expecting gargantuan plates of food and leaving so stuffed you can barely move, then you will be disappointed.

    That being said, I am a big guy and a hefty eater and I have never walked out of Noca without being satisfied. The food is rich and, IMO, fairly priced based on the portion size and the quality of ingredients (not to mention the artistry of the work of the chef).

    But ask your server for suggestions. I found the Steak Frites with Melted Leeks always satisfies my appetite.

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    1. re: Seth Chadwick

      I agree with Seth on the sizing. I'm a big guy as well and I've always left Noca stuffed. We do always get an app each and dessert, as well as the main course. We have been left wanting more of a course, but mostly because it was so good.

    2. Don't go expecting Cheesecake Factory portion sizes.

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        Thanks everyone. I wouldn't want cheesecake factory portions. (RIDICULOUS THERE!)

        Sounds perfect. Can't wait!

      2. I just had to reply... my husband and I ate at Noca for one of the Sunday night suppers. It was a 3 course meal-- delicious, by the way. I stupidly felt compelled to eat ALL the food as it was too good to stop. I have not been that miserable since I stuffed myself at Cyrus in Healdsburg a few years ago! I thought the portions were on the large side that night for that caliber of restaurant. Not sure how the regular menu compares.

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        1. re: PopcornSally

          My partner and I were definitely in the Clean Plate Club the last time we ate at NOCA. We ordered from the regular menu and made a meal out of 5 starters + 1 amuse + 2 desserts (one of which we ordered, one of which Eliot sent to the table). We were both about this far [<-->] from being uncomfortably full.

        2. I really liked Noca, but did think the portions were small. Left feeling satisfied, but we ordered a lot of food.

          1. We just ate at Noca again last Saturday. We left stuffed, and it didn't seem like we ate that much. Shared 2 starters, each had one pork belly slider (holy moly, they're good!) and shared the steak frites. Ok we also had one doughnut for dessert, but that's it. :) I don't think portion size will be an issue for your boyfriend. More importantly, the food is awesome! We brought some friends who hadn't been there yet, and they're still raving about it.