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Aug 22, 2009 05:32 PM

Late Night CLE - Li Wah or Bo Loong

We'll be arriving in Cleveland late Sunday night (10:00 or so). It looks like there are a couple of good Chinese restaurants open late - thoughts about either of them? Also open to other suggestions, but keep in mind that two in the group are minors.


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  1. I'm pretty sure Siam Cafe is open until midnight seven days a week. That would be my recommendation. I was very disappointed with my last visit to Bo Loong. My last couple visits to Li Wah were good and bad. I went for dim sum both times and can't remember the last time I was at Li Wah for anything else. I've had good meals at both but either they've gone downhill or they're very inconsistent.

    I've recommended Siam Cafe many times. You can search past threads for some specific recommendations at Siam Cafe.

    1. Bo Loong is hit or miss. I've had possibly the best Chinese ever for lunch but other times it's mediocre. They do have quite an entertaining Karaoke late Saturday nights. They have amazing pot stickers and my favorite dish is the Wor Sue chicken. I have been to Siam however, I've had horrible service experiences both times.

      1. Tough call Jeff - all of Cleveland's late night places are a little inconsistent. Bar Cento is still open late, in Ohio City. I'd probably choose Li Wah over Bo Loong in a head to head choice.

        1. I just don't get Siam's popularity - their "Americanized" Chinese dishes are really awful IMO and I am not into the "traditional" dishes (feet, squid, etc.) so I've never had a good meal there, and I have been about 6 times with various groups. JMO. I can't speak to the other two, sorry.

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            My experiences at Siam have been inconsistent - I've had some very mediocre food, and some amazingly good food. Wonton Gourmet, Superior Pho and Koko Bakery are the most consistent places in Asiatown, but I don't know if they are open late enough for the OP.

          2. I think Bo Loong does a steady business late night. My responses mirror the others-Bo Loong -inconsistant -can be great, or can be ok. Li wah is popular amound some chinese folks I know. I only recall the dim Sum and roast duck, both were good. I got irriated with them always trying to push bland americanized food on me on a number of visits.

            I like Siam, although agree their americanized stuff is terrible. If you like more interesting dishes than they are very good IMO. I agree Superior Pho is always good, but simple. Prob not open late.
            check out this web site (dining portion) for menus/info:

            I am guessing if you have minors in the group Bar Cento is out. very bar like that hour of the night.