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Another great lunch at Olive & Vine (Glen Ellen)

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I had lunch today at my favorite lunch place in the Sonoma (town) area, Olive & Vine in Glen Ellen Village, just south of Glen Ellen (a few miles north of Sonoma). It's a catering company and their kitchen and cafe is there. There soup is always great and today they had Heirloom Tomato, so I had a (large) cup of that which was wonderful as expected. I also had a chicken pesto panini which came with a choice of any of their salads in the deli case (I had a pasta with sun dried tomatoes, etc.). Everything there is catering quality, not normal-deli quality.This place never fails me. There's a public patio out the rear of the building and down some stairs (not the patio of Yeti, the Indian and Nepalese place that I haven't tried yet) and you can carry your food down there if you want (ask how to get there).

A few pics:

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  1. Thanks for the reminder. The party in the link was very well done with delicious apps and well done entrees. I wasn't aware they did lunch.

    1. link

      Olive & Vine
      14301 Arnold Dr Ste 3, Glen Ellen, CA 95442

      1. great photos! ...... thanks.

        1. Changes at Olive & Vine.

          Less for lunch.

          Dinner Wednesday - Saturday

          Brunch Sunday.


          Olive & Vine
          14301 Arnold Dr Ste 3, Glen Ellen, CA 95442

          1. It looks like lunches at Olive & Vine are a thing of the past. I stopped by today (Saturday) around noon and there was a Closed sign on the door and the inside was set up with tablecloths etc for dinner. I'll definitely miss lunches there.

            Olive & Vine
            14301 Arnold Dr Ste 3, Glen Ellen, CA 95442