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Aug 22, 2009 05:07 PM

Cheap, WHOLESALE Grocery Food Online (Student)

I'm a college student in Manhattan, UWS/Columbia to be exact, and looking for a website to use to buy my go-to foods in bulk and have them delivered to my dorm. (I ended up spending WAY too much on delivery/take-out last year)

Considering that it is one hell of an expensive neighborhood and a big drag to basically go to the store every 2-3 days. I would love to have these things at my disposal in my room.

Is anyone here familiar with a (reliable) website that delivers wholesale products (we're talking cases and +12 packs) in Manhattan at a good price that'll save me some money on buying them individually?

THE ITEMS IN QUESTION (to give you an idea):

- PARMALAT MILK (The extended shelf life milk that keeps at room temperature for months before being opened. Very important, haha)
- Special K cereal (I LOVE their Cinnamon/blueberry/yogurt/berries/vanilla flavors equally)
- Vegetable Thins (these are crack to me
)- oatmeal packs
- water bottles (the big 1-liter ones preferable)

HUGE Thanks in advance!

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  1. As odd as it may sound, try Amazon. They sell a lot of grocery products in bulk. just be sure to try to make sure as many of your items are directly from Amazon , or from as few sellers as possible to cut down on shipping costs.

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    1. re: Justpaula

      Also, I don't think we still have Vegetable Thin's here, but look for Wheat Thins Fiber Selects - Garden Vegetable variety. I think they are about the same thing.

      1. re: Justpaula

        I tried to go through amazon but the problem is that with the delivery cost and whatnot it really doesn't seem any more cost-efficient. It's the same price as the grocery store in the end...

        Aren't there any great deal online grocers that also deliver?

    2. If you buy a whole lot at Fairway, the cost of delivery should still be reasonable compared with what you're buying. You can go, pick out groceries, then have it delivered to your dorm so you don't have to lug it home. Plus it's not too far, at 125th. I think delivery is $10? But call to check.

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        Also, if there is a Food Emporium or D'Agastino's in your neighborhoood, both offer online shopping with free delivery if your order is over $50. There is a small fee for orders under $50. Usually these programs offer same day delivery. You probably won't be able to get much in bulk, except maybe bottled water, but it is convenient.

        1. re: Justpaula

          Food Emporium and especially D'Ags prices are so much higher than most supermarkets that I can't imagine it would be cost effetive to buy from them even with free delivery.

          1. re: Ann900

            Maybe give another look with some flexibility re: brands and note their sales. I've sent plenty of Asian noodles, Horizon milk and other goodies to my own college kid (and friends) that way. If your order totals more than $25 for products from amazon, the shipping is free. Oh, and I fondly remember those occasional pilgrimages to Pathmark in Secaucus followed by sushi in Fort Lee (requires a friend with a car) from my own Columbia student days.

      2. I do something similar, and usually end up with Amazon, but I check Google Product Search first. I've seen:
        show up in a number of my searches, but I haven't ordered from them yet. They seem to have most of the items you are looking for. If you try them, please report back.

        1. I am also a Columbia person, and I find the trip to FAIRWAY/125th Street to do the trick 100% -- plus you get a 5% discount if you pay with your Columbia FLEX account. They deliver promptly and the prices, variety and quality are amazing!

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          1. re: jaidee

            That's very interesting! My first year I only stayed close to, well, Westside. Is Fairview delivery free for us?

            Did you happen to notice these products of mine there? (Along with fresh seedless grapes, haha?) I'd love to buy in bulk there.

            ** Are you sure it's 125th and not the one on the 75th??

            1. re: BoomerKid

              What do you mean by "are you sure it's the one on 125th?" If you mean do they take FLEX account, it'll have to be jaidee to answer that, though I have seen more Columbia folks there than in the UWS one. But, if you mean is it as good as the other, can you buy in bulk there, is it good variety; the answer is a resounding yes. I actually like it better than the UWS one as there is more room so there is a bigger selection for some things.

              1. re: orthorunner

                Westside is convenient... especially since they are open 24 hours and is a far far better choice than that horrible Morton Williams place, but... cannot compare to Fairway, ever! The only Fairway I am talking about is the 125th Street store... while they do not sell items in the traditional sense of "bulk" (i.e., Costco-size), I find the shopping experience there great. Their delivery service is amazingly prompt and reliable, and generally my Columbia FLEX discount more than covers the delivery fee. Also: Columbia runs a shuttle bus from campus to that block... check the CU website for details.

                When I return to NYC next week, Fairway will be one of my first stops!

                1. re: jaidee

                  I'll be sure to stop by then! Thanks (boy, one week away, uh?)
                  I can't seem to find it on Google maps though. is it just the corner of Broadway and 125th? No need for a shuttle for like 9 blocks.

                  (and I've found the website "Buy the Case" for my bulk needs, haha)

                  1. re: BoomerKid

                    It's actually like 130th and 12th Avenue.... closer to Dinosaur BBQ (and Columbia's Studebaker Hall)... try this: