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Aug 22, 2009 05:07 PM

Foods That Destroy the Roof of your Mouth

Here's my shortlist:

1) Almost any sandwich on a crispy baguette- major damage

2) crispy tortilla chips or nachos eaten when drunk- I've had to pull out those pointy ends with a pair of tweezers

3) Panini's- Crisp on the outside, scalding on the inside

4) Those Totino's Pizza Puffs- They traumatized my mouth 30 years ago, but I haven't given up on them today- Hey they are still about $1 a box

5) Microwave sandwiches- especially those on a silver special microwaving tray- The instructions usually say to let it sit for 2 minutes after microwaving- I am too impatient- I wait maybe 12 seconds, and then I pay the price with a roof skin peel!!!

Any others?????

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  1. any late-night drunken munchies that involve piping hot melted cheese are a potential hazard ;)

    - Cap'n Crunch Cereal
    - frozen french bread pizza. i haven't eaten it in at least 15 years, but i can *still* remember the pain. that crust was too damned crunchy, and i'd eventually end up with an errant shard stuck in my hard palate...much like those pointy/crispy chips you mentioned. ouch.

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      Ha - came here to post the exact same two items - Cap'n Crunch and french bread pizza. LOL!

      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

        Any pizza. ANY pizza - doesn't matter if it's Stouffer's French Bread or any other. If served piping hot...wait. Otherwise, you're dealing with the shreds of skin from the roof of your mouth for several days.

        And yes - Cap'n Crunch. Microwave panini sandwiches. Hot stuffed mushroom hors d'oeuvres. Hot marshmallows on s'mores.

        And finally - too many Fritos.

        1. re: LindaWhit

          Have to add another one after lunch yesterday - a chicken pot pie. Even after letting it sit for a few minutes, that first bite is always a scorcher.

          1. re: LindaWhit

            I believe in Neal Stephenson's "Cryptonomicon" (sp?), he devotes half the first chapter to describing the perfect amount of time that Cap'n Crunch has to sit in milk so that it doesn't shred your mouth, but hasn't disintegrated into complete mush. Very funny.

            1. re: FrankD

              OK, I *have* that book in my bookshelf, but have never read it! Too funny!

            2. re: LindaWhit

              Any oven pizza for me as well, I know I have to be patient, but I'm just not. There's nothing else though that I burn my mouth on.

            3. re: goodhealthgourmet

              "frozen french bread pizza. i haven't eaten it in at least 15 years, but i can *still* remember the pain."

              I about fell out of my chair laughing! I was addicted to Stouffer's french bread pizza as a teenager. Wow, they did do some damage to the roof of your mouth too. Ouch.

            4. Trix.

              (Yes, I am hanging my head in shame.)

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              1. re: Vetter

                Hold your head up high!

                By the way, what do you think of the new colors? Have you seen the limited edition swirly Trix?
                For a delicious roof-damaging treat, try butter sauteed Cheerios. Salt lightly and drink a glass of chocolate milk on the side.

                1. re: Kate is always hungry


                  butter sauteed cheerios. that rocks, kate.

              2. For me, it's pizza bagels, especially when you nuke them. And it really hurts when you burn the roof of your mouth! Ouch.

                1. Bagel Bites! Had some yesterday morning for the first time in years and it still hurts! The hot hot heat and crisp of the bagel tears through the gums right behind your front teeth. Eeeeek! But so tasty!

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                  1. re: DreamCyn

                    Oh yea...I remember those I had to stop eating those cause that always happens! I have to always peel off a thin layer of skin from the insides of my mouth.

                    1. re: DreamCyn

                      Yes! But I've found that they only burn the roof of my mouth when you cook them in the microwave. When I'm not lazy and have the time (very rarely), I warm them up in the oven...

                    2. Ever eat a whole bag of Sour Patch Kids? And by "eat", I mean suck off all the sour before chewing? :)

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                      1. re: Justpaula

                        Guilty!!! It's amazing that my palate hasn't suffered permanent damage!! :o)

                        1. re: Justpaula

                          that used to kill my tongue as much as the roof of my mouth!

                            1. re: Justpaula

                              oh yeah, sour patch kids! I used to go to the movies as a kid with a bag of sour patch kids and a lemonade. The resulting tongue damage would leave me in pain and unable to eat for half a day....

                              1. re: Justpaula

                                Man, I miss though, but my cavities can't take gummies anymore :(

                                  1. re: Justpaula

                                    Oh yes, also too many Smarties (the American, sour ones), Skittles, or Sweet Tarts (I have a big sour candy addiction.)
                                    Also any artisinal crusty bread (can't eat them at all!), hot chocolate (worse than coffee, for some reason), and red delicious-type apples with the thick skins.