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Aug 22, 2009 04:58 PM

Very best cupcake recipe? (Just tried Sprinkle's recipe, and not impressed!)

I have a foodie friend's birthday coming up and want to make some amazing cupcakes. I've purchased Sprinkles before, and yes its tasty, but the recipe I found online was not so impressive (I guess that's the way they make sure we keep going back into their store to buy more!) Everything at this party is supposed to be homemade too.

Anyway, I would love for anyone to share a fool proof awesome cupcake recipe. Something that is really cakey and moist. Most cupcakes are just too airy and bland.


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    1. If you`re not anti-Martha, she has a recent cupcake book and recipes from it have been heavily featured on the website.
      Maybe you will find something that fits the bill there. Four pages in the list of links- so I`m guessing about 40+ recipes. Plus Martha has fairly active commenters who make suggestions and describe the recipes so you might get a pretty good idea of what the recipe is like.
      Not something I make more than once every five years, so no favorite recipes personally.

      1. I recently made Red Velvet Cupcakes from the recipe on this thread. They came out really good, if you like Red Velvet of course. A couple pix on this thread too.

        1. I make a ton of cupcakes every year for a big BBQ, and every year people email me after the party begging me to part with my recipe. I am a from scratch baker, but for this party I always make the cup cakes from the King Arthur Flour cake mixes. Since I am making over 100 cup cakes, this is the only way that I can get them made, but given the response, it's not worth it to do it any other way since everyone seems to swoon over them...

          1. I love this black bottomed cupcake recipe: - great frosted, or not - depending on your preference. Very moist, nice cheesecakey center, always a crowd pleaser.


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