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Aug 22, 2009 04:48 PM

The best espresso in San Francisco

There are a handful of really good espresso joints in S.F. Blue Bottle, Ritual, and Four Barrel naturally head the list. But there is a new player in town that has leap frogged everyone to the head of the class. I would like to say Sightglass at 270 7th. St. has a comfortable seating arrangement, great food, and everything else one would want. Right now Sightglass is nothing more than an open garage and a pre- construction space where the cafe will be.

They are armed with only a prototype espresso machine called 'The Slayer' (love the name) and coffee beans from Verve in Santa Cruz. For those of you who don't get straight espresso, get on down to this Kiosk and be prepared to be blown away. The taste of the espresso is almost like syrup with an after taste that went on for a good half hour.

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  1. I'm not bumping my post, honest! I just want to say what happened today when I went to Sightglass for just the third time. They had just filled the mazzer up with a new order of beans. They pulled a shot of espresso for me. Took one look and tossed it in the sink. They did that two more times, not to mention tossing three more doses of ground beans away before they dialed in the grinder and the Slayer for the new order of beans. The resulting shot was just fantastic. And to think they threw no less than a total of six shots and doses to give me what they felt was an adequate shot of espresso is just unbelievable. And a foot note, they don't know me from Adam. Hell, I've only been there three times in more than two weeks. I'm anything but a regular.

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      There was a previous post about Local 123 in Berkeley (which is excellent but not in SF). The discussion revolved around lack of barrista care being the defining problem with espresso in greater SF. It does take a few shots to get the grind right for new beans, any instructor will tell you, the only question is whether they sell you the bad shots. The espresso you get at a place of this caliber is simply the way it should be, not the exception.