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Aug 22, 2009 04:38 PM

help! Brunch tomorrow - penninsula

Hi everyone. We're taking good friends out to brunch tomorrow for a special occasion and don't know where to go. We live in SF, they in San Jose so looking for somewhere in between. We will communite anywhere.

Trying to find a place with seafood (as a highlight or lots of choices).
We have Hong Kong Flower Lounge as an option down.

Open to all kinds of food.
Thanks for any ideas!

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  1. I think this might fit the bill. This is where we go for a nice weekend brunch, now that Viognier (admittedly an entirely different cuisine) has stopped serving lunch and brunch.

    Tai Pan does a very nice steamed fish, in addition to the other dishes I remember mentioning in my earlier post.

    And the place is very comfortable--upholstered chairs, white table cloths, good service, and a low decibel level.

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      Thank you--- this sounds very nice... We had thought of Joy Luck as a good option, and were sad to hear it closed. This really surprised us. Also, lots of Palo Alto nice restaurants don't serve brunch or are closed on Sundays.
      Thank you!