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Aug 22, 2009 03:49 PM

Inspired by the movie Julia & Julie

After the movie Julia & Julie came out, it made me wonder...if you were going to cook through all of the recipes in a cookbook in one year, which one would you pick?

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  1. The one with the most butter. I went to the Le Creuset outlet in Yemmassee and got my a pot!

    1. Funny, I had a similiar thought after seeing this movie. I'm tempted to cook my own way through Julia, but being newly single that's probably not a good idea for my waist line!

      1. I decided to start with Beouf Bourguignon. I followed it exactly, no shortcuts, and it was amazing. A lot more work than your average stew, but this is not your average stew! Totally worth the time and steps involved. I'm not sure which recipe I'm trying next. I know I can't do the whole book...I love me some butter, but I can't bring myself to use that much! My husband doesn't care for french food, or many vegetables, so I'm out of luck getting him to try any of it.

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          I made that last week. You're right--it's not your average stew. My husband ate it three times. By choice.

        2. Did you mean which Julia Child cookbook? in which case the answer is "Cooking with Julia" which is more fun that the original (sorry, but fun does come into it!)

          Or did you mean which of any cookbook? in which case, the answer is either of Liz Hodgeman's 'Beat This!' or 'Beat That!' books...also because they are fun....and delicious...and have a great deal of butter involved!

          1. TigerLLO, great post!! I think everyone who enjoyed that film was wondering the same thing after seeing it. I would pick The Silver Palate Cookbook.

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              Me, too. The Silver Palate recipes are easy, and yet there's always something special about them.