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Aug 22, 2009 11:15 AM

What should we order at Cafe Azteca?

The menu is huge and everything sounds good--any suggestions? Anyone try the sangria?

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  1. The sangria is very good, though I usually go at lunch on weekdays, so I don't have much of a chance to get it. ;-)

    Lots of good options at Cafe Azteca, with my favorites probably being the sauteed chicken with cactus strips and the chicken enchiladas mole.

    1. Their dinner specials are always good. I enjoy the Chipotle Shrimp app. in the house dressing, or their shrimp in a poblano spicy cream sauce.
      Chiles Rellano's are good, just about everything is good. I usually stay waway from the Fajitas, Chimichangs and Tacos here although they do look good if thats what you like to order.

      1. The Quesadillas de Tinga are fabulous. We moved from the area and still think about the food

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          That's right, I forgot to mention the quesadillas. Nothing like the junky quesadillas you get at the chain restaurants.

        2. Cammarones in Cilantro
          Puerco Adobado