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Aug 22, 2009 10:32 AM

New in New Rochelle- Da Giorgio

Four of us tried a new place (at least for us) in New Rochelle on a weekday night.
Da Giogio is a small place located in a strip mall on Quaker Ridge Road in New Rochelle
(next to Harmons).
The owner is the chel and his food is quite good. My wife tried the Eggplant Rollatine as an appetizer as did one other in our party. Both said that is was light and extremely flavorful. I tried their version of Onion Soup. The soup was filled with lots of onions and flavor and the use of Mozzarella gave the soup an Italian twist on the usual. My wife had the Potato crusted Salmon in a Mustard Sauce and she said it was excellent. I had a special of Baby Lamb
chops with Garlic mashed potatoes and baby Asparagus. The lamb was cooked perfectly.
We had a bottle of Folonari Chianti @ $26.00 and it was fine.
All in all the meal was good and we all had a positive experience. The only down
side was that the prices are somewhat high for the type of establishment and the service was fairly slow but nice.
Parking is not a problem as the area has loads of spaces. We all would go back.

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  1. Been there a couple of times. Pricey but competent albeit maybe not "special" enough for the price. Pasta bolognaise was pretty good, bread tasty. Other things missed. They are on, which eases the pain somewhat.

    1. this place is not new fyi but it is good chow

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        Da Giorgio's is a constant for us. The food is great - you can tell the ingredients are really fresh. Love the look of it too. The chef and staff are friendly - make you feel very welcomed. It feels like a cozy escape. We always leave with a smile - and full bellies. Worth every penny. They have a site now too - - getting hungry now...

        1. re: azcreate

          I hadn't been there lately, but am glad I went back. You should go back too!

          Thankfully, it was packed on a Wednesday night. The service was excellent, prompt and friendly, and the timing was perfect.

          The owner/chef came out and talked to everyone, not just to a few 'special' diners as at some other restaurants.

          The calamari were some of the best I've had, fresh and tender. A seafood special was very good, and my companions enjoyed their meals as well. A special side dish was accommodated, gracefully.

          The espresso gelato was high test, crunchy with espresso, and outstanding.

          I highly recommend Da Giorgio, and will have to remember to get back more often.