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Aug 22, 2009 09:54 AM

hard to please-- surprise bday

Planning a surprise party for my girlfriend--fairly artsy, adventurous eater--looking for a place accommodating to a group, but still giving off a fun and trendy vibe. no italian, traditional american, american chinese, or korean.

lower manhattan, GV preferable, but willing to go as far north as the 30s or south around canal. suggestions?

as far as price range goes, anything from cheap to moderately priced would be lovely.


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  1. These come to mind:
    wd-50 50 Clinton St
    Stanton Social 99 Stanton St
    Perry St 176 Perry St

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    1. re: misnatalie

      I haven't been to wd-50 yet, but would like to... is it indeed moderately priced? I saw price of their tasting menu but its fairly pricey. Is a la carte a bona fide way to enjoy the restaurant and can one keep it moderately priced? Thanks (don't mean to hijack the thread)

    2. it could be somewhat dependent on how large the group is, but here are some moderately priced additions to misnatalie's recs:
      - Snack Taverna
      - Fatty Crab
      - Boqueria
      - 'inoteca

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      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

        thanks for the suggestions! I'll check them all out. should be around 8-10 people... does that present a problem with any of these?

          1. re: Pan

            so it is...totally spaced on that (i was thinking "trendy."). thanks for pointing it out.

        1. How about Giorgione? It's owned by Giorgio DeLuca from Dean & DeLuca. Their brick oven pizza is amazing. I've only been there once but the experience was really good. I had the linguine with manila clams. The pasta was perfectly cooked and the sauce very tasty. My friend had the tuna with lentils and tomatoes. For dessert we shared the vanilla cheesecake with caramel sauce. The sauce was just ok, but the cheesecake was to die for, sooo creamy!

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          1. re: Sparkling

            sounds good, but the OP specified no Italian.