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Aug 22, 2009 09:33 AM

Good Restaurants in Doylestown/Bucks County Area

My parents are coming up for a visit from North Carolina and all I ever hear from them is how good the food is down there. They always find some way to point out how much better there restaurants are down there, so on this trip I'm trying to wow them with some solid meals. We are into all sorts of cuisine, so the type of restaurant doesn't matter so much, as long as it's delicious. Any ideas out there for good restaurants in the Doylestown/Bucks County area?

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  1. I would shy away from the BBQ since it just won't compare.
    A few to try: Honey - interesting and well executed
    You could take them up to Bethlehem to explore and stop at Bolete on the way home. (call for reservations early, though.)
    There's plenty in the area to feed them for a few days, especially if you can travel a little.

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      Three best restaurants in Doylestown are Honey as mentioned above, Il Melogrono, an italian restaurant with a nice selection of food, and Slate Bleu a french bistro style restaurant in the Ag Works. Venturing beyond into Buckingham you have Just Eat by Brown Gold that does good meats over a wood stove/oven. Further afield you have lots of choices in New Hope/Lambertville.

      If you want to try Yankee BBQ, Smokin Lils in Doylestown or Duck Deli on 202 just outside of Doylestown are places to consider.

      1. re: cwdonald

        I've passed by Honey before and it seems to have a cool atmosphere. How are the prices there compared to the food that they serve?

        1. re: HamOnMyBones

          The word I'd use to describe the value you get at Honey is "FAIR". I'll also second Slate Bleu. Il Melograno, though touted quite a bit on this board, is not one of my favoites. If I want to pay for good Italian food, I'll go to Castello's in North Wales.

          1. re: bucksguy14

            The Honey restaurant concept is a mixture of small and large plates. This is not the restaurant that you will leave with a doggy bag with enough food to feed a third world country. They use good fresh seasonal ingredients. That costs money. If portion size is something that bothers you, ie you prefer it to be huge, you will not like this restaurant. If on the other hand you like tasty food, you will enjoy the food and drink at this restaurant.

            They are making some of the most interesting cocktails in Doylestown, and I venture to say in Bucks County.

            So while I am partial to this restaurant, it is clearly not going to suit everyone.

    2. If you like Sushi I recommend OOKA; I think its the Best Sushi in the Philadelphia Area, unless you want to pay big bucks and go to Morimoto.

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