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Aug 22, 2009 09:13 AM

New to Sunnyside, Queens - Where to eat/shop?

My fiance and I are set to move to Sunnyside, Queens here next week (just off the 46th 7 train stop). Any suggestions of where to eat? best take out/delivery? grocery stores? bars? late night dining? brunch? healthy eats? etc...

We'll take all the help we can get! Still need to figure out where drug stores/pet stores/gyms/aundromats are too, blech.

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  1. I recently spent a month subletting in Sunnyside, and the chow options are great. I think my favorite find was Natural Tofu, the Korean place on Queens Blvd and 40th St. I usually don't like Korean much, but this place was great. Here's a long thread of other suggestions & reviews from my stay there:

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      Great suggestions and link to your thread! Already looking forward to exploring the eats nearby (we're moving from South Park Slope in Brooklyn). Any recommendations for a good coffeeshop/breakfast?

    2. The link Emmmily posted is pretty comprehensive. I like La Flor for breakfast/brunch, right under the 52nd Street stop. I used to read this blog, which just...stopped in December, but can still be helpful:

      Also search this board for posts on Woodside, they will also provide you with ideas in the general nabe.

      1. don't forget to walk a little (or a lot) west and explore Woodside and Jackson Heights. I live in Woodside so I consider all three neighborhoods home and between the three, and the occasional quick drive over to Astoria or even down to Greenpoint, it's a great place.

        Best delivery has to be De Mole, but I also should mention Thai Malay, which isn't always that special, but is incredibly quick!

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          Thank you! That's helpful info. I'm looking forward to moving to the area. Feels more "neighborhoody" than our current area in Brooklyn.

        2. I've gotta recommend Rainbow on 52nd st. for probably the best take-out/delivery Chinese in the hood: (718) 565-0888

          Donato's on 51st and 39th Ave for great sit down Italian food.

          Pio Pio Pollo on 46th and Greenpoint for great Pperuvian rotisserie chicken.

          The taco truck on 52nd and Roosevelt Ave that arrives around 8PM daily for amazing Al Pastor tacos.

          TJ Asian Bistro btwn 50th and 51st on Skillman for awesome Sushi dine-in especially.

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          1. re: rhydewithdis

            I think you mean "Pio Pio Riko" not "Pollo" on Greenpoint Ave. Their specialty is cheicken, but since they can't even get that right, I'd avoid it.

            1. re: el jefe

              el jefe my experience is they get the chicken fabulous right but it's only about 70% of the time. That was sufferable enough when the take out whole chicken was about $6.50.
              But,now its $9.00+ and its a nasty surprise when sometimes the chicken has all the enticing flavor of polycarbonates. In fairness,the good times I can say for sure their chicken absolutely equals PIO PIO,luscious,succulent,tender.

          2. Wow, no one mentioned Butcher Block (43-26 41st St). Incredible home cooked meals at low prices (take out only). Once you go, you'll be hooked. I live several miles from Butcher Block but whenever I'm in the area, I take food home. If I lived nearby, I would never cook. Caution: Portions are large. If you don't want a meal sandwiches are awesome, cheap and enormous. Pick up the list of daily specials.

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            1. re: Mike V

              Yes! Butcher Block is awesome. Also great for picking up British goodies! Their portions are definitely enough for two, but hit the spot when you want a comfort-home-cooked kind of meal. One word of caution though - I find that they put waaaayyyyy, way, way too much mayo on sandwiches - if you ask for mayo. And I do like mayo! Tell them to go easy on it. Prices are very good. Also for butcher needs, Ottomanelli on 61st and Woodside Ave is good. It is two stops on the subway or a very doable walk.

              Also, I should mention the Greenmarket every Saturday in front of the park at 43rd Street and Skillman that will be going until late Fall. If you do have a car, and want a larger grocery store, there is a Stop n Shop (and a Petland across the street - on the subject of pets, I highly recommend Queens Animal Hospital on Roosevelt and 56th, much better than Sunnyside Animal Hospital) on 48th at Northern Blvd., and a Pathmark at 43rd and Northern.

              I prefer Mr. Wonton for take-out Chinese, which is generally bad in the area. I often judge Chinese take-out by the wontons. If they have thick, gummy wrappers, yuck! Mr. Wonton is good and I find their food less greasy than some other spots. If you want to order in Thai, instead of heading over to Srip, Dee Thai is my favorite in the area.

              Bars are abundant, both along QB, Skillman and Roosevelt, near 61st in Woodside. Just wander around...

              Now if only we could get a TD Bank in the area... :)

              1. re: Justpaula

                I'm also a fan of Butcher Block. It's worth noting that it is in fact a butcher shop, and they're awfully nice about ordering any cut they don't carry regularly -- they don't gouge you on prices for special orders, either.

                1. re: Justpaula

                  I get lunch here once or twice a week. Recently I tried the "Irish Ham" which I just got on rye with swiss. Sreally really good and seems to be made on site. It's thick cut and not trimmed (which I like) as something else you'd be used to. Not as sweet as virginia ham more tender. Great on a sandwich if you want something a little tastier than turkey. Wednesdays (I think) is corned beef day. Had it last week, I prefer kosher style but this hit the spot when I needed it.

                  As for more opinions on sunnyside there are plenty of threads, many in which I tout Mangal Kebab on Qns Blvd and 47th. My favorite turkish in the city, try the lamuchan. If you search the board for Mangal you'll find my praise many times over.

                  1. re: 2slices

                    Can anyone tell me how much a lunch at Butcher Block would run? My brother lives in Queens and is having a rough go of it. I want to get him a cost effective gift certificate. (IF they even offer them there, I will call.)

                2. re: Mike V

                  Yes, it's nice CH has some good mentions for BUTCHER BLOCK. The people working there are like the UN that is QUEENS and it's a laugh with what is mainly IRISH-themed food to see what is now mainly a pan-Asian,pan-hispanic clientele. The quality of the ingredients is great and of course the quantities superior [$8 definitely enough for 2+]. But it would be nice if they could manage to adjust to the demographics and have something Mexican or great jerk chicken.