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Aug 22, 2009 09:12 AM

Help me use up these two ingredients: goat stew meet and organic beets

I've got some nice looking goat meat. I planned to do a North African thing with it, but the co-op didn't have appropriate ingredients. Also have some beautiful golden beets from the farmer's market. They're both such earthy flavors that I'm sure I could combine them into a stew, but what else would I need to make this work? Help me chowhounds, you're my only hope.

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  1. I wouldnt ruin the two great thing to thy and make one bad dish.

    there is no rason you coulnt make two distinct dishes, even if the dont match.

    If you do a very lightly seasoned goat curry or a mexican style goat roasted in tomatoes and onions, you could serve over a diced beet and white rice mix.

    I think I would make a small batch of rice and dice beet to see what the flaveor is like.

    1. Respectfully disagree w/ SA. I saw the ingredients and went yum, a golden beet goat borscht.
      Find a recipe you like for borscht and sub the goat and golden beets. Serve mixed w/ sour cream, half a boiled potato in the center w/ fresh chopped dill as a garnish. Double yum.
      With such good fresh ingredients it can't help but be good. The thought of it knocks my socks off!

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        Why would you disagree?...this was a hard combination. Although I like yours way better.
        I just didnt know what to do with the beets.



        1. re: SAguy

          Sorry, that was blunt. The statement I disagreed w/ was, "I wuldn't ruin the two great things to try and make one bad dish." I think they could be a great combination. Even simply roasting the goat and beets separately. a great combination of sweet and savory,
          What does SA stand for, South America? Are you a Permian Panther?
          We just drove through west Texas in April. Quite some real estate.
          I didn't mean to affornt you. I'm hosting the Texmaniacs this weekend for the Bangor Folk Festival. go eat a taco al pastor or lingua for me will ya. I'm stuck w/ lobster.