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Aug 22, 2009 09:01 AM

weekday office lunch on west side of Vancouver?

I am organizing a casual lunch for a small office of about 10 employees (to show appreciation) in 2 weeks. I was thinking about Maenam (never been). Not interested in Fuel or DB Bistro Moderne. Not too expensive/fancy and not too cheap/hole in the wallish. Thinking about $20 per person-can be a little more or less.

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  1. Maenam would be a good choice if your folks like authentic Thai food and your budget should be OK; I assume you are not including alcohol. Another possibility is

    La Quercia
    3689 W 4th Ave.
    Vancouver, BC
    Tel: 604-676-1007

    I believe they will open for lunch groups but I am not sure about cost or minimum group size; their food is great though and I imagine they might serve family style which might be nice.

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    1. re: Philx

      Philx-thanks for the rec. I have heard the food at La Quercia is very good and called them today. Unfortunately, the min booking for a lunch is $1000. Maybe Bistro Pastis would be worth a try as well? I haven't been in a few years.

      1. re: selena03

        I went to Bistro Pastis not too long ago. It will definitely fill your budget. I thought food was pretty good, but certainly nothing that blew me away. I had the daily special of Beef Bourguignon and have to admit I was a little disappointed with it - just expected it to taste better than it did. Also, the room feels very small & cramped.

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          Yikes on the $1000 but I guess they want close to a full house. Have you considered Gramercy Grill
          2685 Arbutus Street
          I have not eaten there recently but I believe the food is acceptable and the room is nice and in your price range.

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            We have narrowed it down to Pastis and Salade de Fruits. I have never eaten at the former. Is it a nice atmosphere? Btw thanks for all of the ideas.

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              Oh... I forgot! There's also Provence Mediterranean Grill on 10th Avenue and Sasamat.

        2. What area do you want to be in on the west side? West of Arbutus/Burrard/Granville?

          Maenam is a great idea.

          Other options...
          Salade de Fruits for French bistro
          Apollonia for Greek
          Burgoo for comfort stews
          Banana Leaf for South-East Asian

          1. I think Dan (Japanese resto on Broadway) has a table for ten upstairs in the back. But do they do lunch??

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              Dan does have a semi-private back room that's up a short flight of stairs but it's pretty small and narrow. I think it might seat 8 max. Doesn't look like they're open for lunch though.

              1. re: twinkienic

                Actually I think they might have closed in the past couple weeks or perhaps they are renovating? No answer to the phone yesterday and looking a little empty.

                What a lame recommendation - sorry!

                1. re: waver

                  no worries-restaurants close without warning-we have decided on french anyhow as it seems to appeal to the whole group.

            2. Near DB Bistro, there's a higher end diner called Sunshine Cafe (I think). It's kinda retro 50's-60's style. I haven't tried their breakfast which a lot ppl order but I have tried their burgers and it's not bad. It will fit with your budget and it's casual but not a dive.

              1. We ended up with Bistro Pastis and the food was great but the service not so much. We arrived at 12:15 and had our starters come up pretty quickly but our entrees did not arrive to our table until 1:40 (about 45 min after finishing the starters)! It was specified beforehand that it was an office lunch and we did tell our server that we had to leave close to 2 pm. So everyone had to wolf down there lunch in 10 min in order to make it back to the office for 2 pm appointments. The manager explained that the reason for the delay was that they usually don't have that many people at lunch and they ended up with quite a few walk ins which they were not prepared for......he gave us a gift certificate for a free lunch for 2 which was nice but the lunch was to show appreciation for the staff so it was too bad everyone had to rush.

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                1. re: selena03

                  I know you already had your lunch, but Raincity Grill has a $20 two course prix fixe lunch menu. We ate there last week for lunch and it was delicious. Tuna tataki appetizer with a very tender, pulled-pork style lamb sandwich with carmelized onions. Grilled caesar salad on the side. I had the fish and chips with the tataki appetizer. Superb quality halibut covered with a very crisp beer batter coating. Perfect service.

                  1. re: sibaik

                    That sounds great! I will have to give it a try on my own.

                    1. re: sibaik

                      They also have their halibut and chips as a take out at lunch for $10 - pretty tasty and you can go across the street sit on bench, munch your lunch and watch the ocean go by.